July 30th, 2013

why is my cup suddenly leaking all over?

I have a MeLuna soft...medium or large, can't remember.  I've been using this cup for maybe 8-10 cycles all together, all but 2 of which were over a year ago before I got pregnant with my youngest who is now 6 months old.  This is my second postpartum cycle.  I used the cup again for my first cycle without incident, just the same as I have before, but this time it is leaking all over.  I've put it in half a dozen times exactly like I always have before, and I don't understand what I am doing wrong.  There is nothing wrong with the cup itself.  Twice it didn't catch anything at all (once it may not have been fully open but I believe it was the second time) and was so far up that I could barely reach it to take it out even bearing down as hard as I could (this is definitely not normal).  Other times it seems to be in a more normal position, but catches little to nothing.  Once it was about 1/3 full but had leaked a lot too.  It seems to be in right, definitely has suction, but it's not catching what it should.  What could I be doing wrong?

Also, I don't know if this is related at all, but normally for the first and second day of my cycle the cup stays in the right position but after that it sits lower than is really comfortable and nothing I do will keep it up higher.  Doesn't seem like it would be a pelvic floor strength issue since it always stays up higher the first couple of days. 


I posted a few months ago about my first week and time with the menstrual cup and finally this past week I was able to use through the entire week the menstrual cup without the necessity of going back to the pads. As you remember it was a struggle for me to remove it on public bathroom, leaks and cramps. I still get the discomfort specially during my 1st day of the cycle and the last 3 days. I cut the stem but still I have this sensation of pressure around the entrance of the vagina or even some rubbing sensation when is all inside no peaking at all. Do you gals get the sensation of the cup going down when you are having bowl movement and urinating?

I still get leaks but that I think it will be normal because of my huge amounts of cloats during the period, I am aware that for those days I will need a bigger cup if I do not want to change it that often. What are your recommendations for sensitive people like on the light days? I am currently using the divacup 1. Still discovering and getting use to the cup but I need it to come here and share the good news of being able to use it for the entire week!

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Hey y'all. I'm 38, never had kids and I've only rarely used tampons, because they just aren't especially comfortable for me. My flow's probably medium (usually only one really heavy day), and usually lasts 4-5 days. I've been trying to get pregnant (with no success) and have used the instead cups for that purpose. i really liked them for that, but when I tried to use them for my period, I find that my vagina swells far too much and it becomes difficult to get them to seat correctly. Many times they slide out, or if not, they're just terribly uncomfortable(again, they work just fine with no discomfort when I'm not on my period). I tried buying a small-sized Luna cup a few months ago, but despite everyone (especially customer service, who were nice but essentially told me I wasn't trying hard enough) telling me that I'd get used to it, i just couldn't. My vaginal tissues continued to swell and the cup was just plain uncomfortable, giving me nasty cramps. When I practiced inserting it when I was off my period, I really had no trouble at all. Also, getting it out was a problem because it was so firmly stuck that it ended up acting like a plunger (gross, I know. It wasn't making me real happy either). I'd like to use a cup, but I have no idea how to know if it will work before shelling out the money for it. Is there a cup which is smaller in diameter than Luna's small? Thanks in advance for the advice :)

First Time


A week ago I didn't even know such a thing as a menstrual cup existed. Then I saw an ad online and bought the advertised cup - a Lily cup. I'm 37, a virgin and have always worn pads and never tampons.

Looking on the 'net for some more information, I came across this site and read loads of posts while waiting for my cup to arrive. And it arrived today!

I'm at the end of my period so I reckoned I'd give the cup a test run when there'd be no real danger of a rush of blood or leaking. The Lily cup went in with no problem and with a little bit of fiddling, I had the cup open. Much easier than I expected. Anyway, I left it in while I went out for a walk and done some shopping and oh was it comfortable! I think I could feel it sometimes but then again it could all be in my head because I was so aware of having something in my vagina.

Anyway, I took it out after 6 hours. It took a bit of bearing down and a bit of a tug but nothing too much. There was a dribble in the cup so it appears to have worked! Can't wait 'til my next period to give the Lily cup a proper trial. 25 years of pads and not knowing about this great little invention.