July 27th, 2013

Diva cup almost always leaking?

OK so I have the residual slobber stuff, but my Diva cup also will actually leak a lot of times. Like it IS catching the majority of the blood, but it'll still start leaking, sometimes it's only a few minutes after I put it in and other times I'll have it in a few hours before it leaks. After the few hours it's only about 1/3-1/2 full when it leaks, so I guess that happens cause my cervix is stealing space?

But what about the leaking right after I insert it? How can it be catching the blood, but still leaking some? (and it's not residual)

Share your enthusiasm, knowledge, and joy of all things cup related!

Hello everyone :)

I've been a long time member for several years, but mostly lurker, in the LJ cup community. I love how complete this LJ has become for anything cup related and it is my go-to source when I am searching for information. It's because of members & admins like you that it has done so well. That being said, it's clear to see that cup usage is gaining popularity and spreading like wild-fire, which is a GREAT thing! I often send friends to this community when they have questions that need answering, but it's very common to hear that they wish there was an easier way to use this "site", and they aren't LJ users (and don't care to be), or look for a related group on FB and I can't point them to one, so I was hoping to get your help to solve all problems...

I have started a group on facebook called "Menstrual Cups USAWorldwide" and I'd LOVE to see some of you there, to share your wisdom or ask questions or post links to cool stuff you see, or even relevant links back to this LJ community... anything cup related! I am not affiliated with any company, I'm just a regular cup user who loves my cups! But as more and more friends jump on-board the awesome cup-train (that funny imagery made me giggle) I wish I could point them to an easier-to-use "every day" place to chat about cups.

Now, I'm not great at self-promotion, it's definitely not my strong suit so please be kind if you hate this idea. I'd love to hear your *constructive* feedback if you've got ideas or suggestions, and I'd *really* love it if you would join the FB group and have some fun with it. Thanks!

Here's the URL if you want to copy/paste: https://www.facebook.com/groups/135522973313456/

P.s: I've already posted this to the admins (3 times and waited a month) for their blessing/thoughts/suggestions but received no reply, so I figure this was the logical next-best-step and hope I haven't overstepped any boundaries by posting this.
Luna - muddy

Homemade bag/pouch ideas

Hey all!

So I manged to lose the bag for my large Meluna sometime during my last cycle. Go me! I was hoping one of you brilliant people would know of something I could make to carry and store my cup instead. I'm using a plastic baggie right now if I need to take it with me, but I'd like something a bit more sturdy, private (i.e. not see-through), and nice-looking. My period is really irregular so I'd like something that's small enough to throw in my purse/backpack and take with me everywhere.

Any ideas? I can sew a little but I don't have a sewing machine. Other than that, I'm pretty handy. Something I can buy cheap is also an option.

Thanks in advance!