July 25th, 2013

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Hi Guys. I'm in my 3rd or 4th cycle using my new Mooncup UK size B, my first menstrual cup, but I'm having problems with leaking. When my period is light it's fine, but as soon as it's heavy I find I have to change it every couple of hours, even though it doesn't always look full. It doesn't feel uncomfortable, but I don't think it's sealing properly - it moves up and down, and I can twist it right round, even though it feels fully inflated. Any idea what I'm doing wrong - do I need a different cup, or different size? As I'm only 21 and haven't given birth, I wouldn't have thought I'd be too big...

Help! AHHHH!

This is the LAST thing I need to happen X(
I have a small Meluna. This is my second cycle with it. I just started today, so I went to go boil it in a pot I had bought just recently from goodwill.
I thought I had washed the pot. Maybe I forgot? Anyway, when I boiled it, the water turned very cloudy. I thought maybe it was just a lot of bubbles, but the pot is black on the inside, and where the water was splashing onto the empty walls of the pot, it looked like it was snowing.
So I quickly took it off the heat(it had been 4 minutes before I realized, though), and ran my meluna and the pot under cold sink water. Then, I rushed to my bathroom to rinse it with dove soap(like I always do).
Now, my Meluna is sticky around its ball stem and some of the rim. I don't know how to remedy this. I think there may have been oil residue in the pot.
Please help! I am a college student; I don't have the cash to buy a new cup. What can I do to fix my Meluna??? And is it safe to wear???
Thanks so much for any help!