July 16th, 2013

The Cupless Looking For A Cup

Hello all! I'm a non-cup user, but I hope to change that soon! I've been looking into menstrual cups for awhile now and have completely fallen in love with the idea of them. I am 15 years old and am going to embark on a 10 month long journey soon. The problem is that it is suggested that I bring my own supply of menstrual products because the same things will not be offered where I am traveling. Hence why I am here! A cup that I cannot not get my eyes off of is the Sckooncup. I know it is relatively new, but I was wondering if I could get some feedback on it. Also, it is just a plus that it is made in the states where I live. I am a little pressed on time. I feel that this cup might work well for me because it is short and my cervix isn't very high during my period. I can reach it with little to no effort. I apologize that this post is all over the place and has no organization what so ever. But if anyone can offer this newbie some advice, insight, or commentary I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

Cup Victories...and losses

Hi everyone!!
I just wanted to say I love the help and support that this community has provided me in my journey as a cup user. I have a small Lunette that I finally managed to use. I've gotten better at insertion and removal, and have liked not having to worry about pads and tampons since they both made me uncomfortable. However, these past two cycles I realized that my cup is probably too short and too small (capacity wise) for me. Currently, I am looking for a longer cup with more capacity, that is also a little softer than my lunette. Any suggestions?

Those who never get their panties dirty...tips please? [Slightly TMI]

I saw that some of you never get your undies stained at all since using the cup. Any advice for me?

NOTE: I have heavy period on the first 2 days. So they would leak on those days when full.

To avoid leak I would have to empty is about every 2 hours; this I understand, but how do you manage to not get any staining after emptying and reinserting without using liners?
[TMI warning!!!:::Is it because my labia minora is an "outie"? is it because I have low cervix??]

I have used Ladycup, both sizes. Both leak. I can never let it fill passed halfway, otherwise it leaks.

I now use Sckoon cup, which should have more capacity, I can't let it flow over midway either. So the higher holes do not help.

So yeah, my problem is not really about leaking (it is inevitable for the first 2 days), but how can you manage to avoid staining at all? Blood stain is really hard to get rid of. Just want to avoid staining besides having to us a panty liner because it is such a waste.

Thanks :)

STDs and menstrual cups

Hi everyone. I have a burning question on my mind this week, as I am a cup user and I got treated for gonorrhea yesterday. I am in the middle of my cycle. After each period, I rub my cup down twice in alcohol and wash it with soap and water, but I'm afraid that when my next period comes later this month, I may re-infect myself. I have a small Lunette.

Is this at all possible? I'm going to boil the hell out of it anyway and clean it again, but what is the real risk here?