July 8th, 2013


Not sure what kind of cup to buy for my first one

I'm 23, almost 24, years old and still a virgin(shocking I know) and I came across menstrual cups a few years ago while I was bored and on youtube. Not sure how I wound up coming across it in the first place. They piqued my interest, but I was too apprehensive to buy one at the time. Wasn't sure how my mom would have reacted if she found it, since she is fairly conservative. I've done research on some of the different popular brands, but am still too nervous to try one, but I am finally and completely fed up with tampons and pads and the associated mess and smell. Not to mention having to worry about timing and the pad leaking through to your clothes, or sitting wrong and bleeding through your clothes.
Which brand would you recommend for a first timer? After doing my research I've narrowed it down to mooncup UK, lunette, divacup and the new sckooncup. I like the mooncup for it's smaller size, and that I've not read too many bad things about it but am worried that it might be too small for some of my heavier days. The divacup I've heard mixed reviews about, and lunette is kinda large. I've not read anything about the sckooncup yet, possibly because its a newer brand. Which brand is the best for a first timer who is still a virgin? Any recommendations?

New Cup?

I have had a small Ladycup for about a year now and I really like it. I haven't really had any leakage with it or anything since the first few times I used it (my learning curve) but there are some improvements I would like to make. I have been looking at MeLuna cups for awhile and I really think it could work well for me.

Things I would like to improve about my cup is mostly the stem. The ladycup stem is quite pokey for me. I think it is because it is hollow. I have my stem cut about halfway on my LadyCup and I still feel some discomfort but I am afraid to cut the stem anymore. Another thing I would like to improve is that my LadyCup is kind of hard to remove because it is so sleek and because it is so short it ends pretty high in my vagina.

I want to purchase a MeLuna starter kit with a medium and large with a ring stem. Is a classic firmness going to be too firm after using a LadyCup? And I have heard that a medium MeLuna is comparable to a small LadyCup in the dimensions, but will a large MeLuna be too big?

Which cup colors hide staining the best?

I have a green fleur that I love. I'm cursed with whatever body chemistry that leads to easy staining. I can get MOST of the staining off with hydrogen peroxide soaks and a good scrubbing with a washcloth, but some just won't come off even with sunning. I'm looking to buy a second cup. I'm eyeing the large ladycups. Which colors hide staining the best? Maybe a bright yellow or dark purple?

Which cup to choose and other dilemmas!

Hi everyone! I am new here and have been lurking for about a week trying to decide which cup to purchase. I have narrowed it down between lunette and lady cup. Both would be a size large since I am over 30 and have had 2 vaginal births. So here is my dilemma...I have seen posts about other peoples cervix being low, so I did some research and checked mine on the first day of my cycle and it is low as to be expected, however, I am not sure if it is superlow?? I found my cervix about 1.5 to 2 inches in. I am not sure if that is going to factor in. Anyway, my flow is mod to heavy on the first 2 days them mod to light the next 3-4. I would change a super tampon after about 6 hours or so. I am not sure which cup would be best, I like the higher capacity of the lunette but the reported ease of insertion of the ladycup (plus it comes in so many cute colors) is also an attractive feature. Ugh I don't think I have done this much research on anything else I have ever purchased! Does anyone have any input? If only I worked this hard on everything else I would get so much more accopmplished lol!
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Choosing a Menstrual Cup D:

I came across menstrual cups years ago whenever I did gymnastics, but never ended up going for it.
I thought of them again, particularly due to the fact that you don't have to change them for up to 12 hours which seems fantastic for me, especially in some occasions in which my lifestyle really doesn't permit to me changing a product for over eight hours.
However, I am a young virgin who doesn't know what cup would be best.
My cervix is about 2 inches up there whenever I am not on my period. I will be seeing during my period, but for now this is all the information I've got.
My period is heavy. On the heaviest day, I change a super tampon every 2.5 hours in the beginning of the day and more towards 3.5 the end. The next day I change supers every 4 hours, the next day regulars every 4 hours, and the rest isn't that important.
I do want a cup with a good capacity, but I would rather have a cup that is comfortable. The way I'm looking at it, I would rather have a small cup that suits me really well for the last couple days of my period, rather than a cup that I can't insert at all.
I'm pretty comfortable with my body and I believe that I'll be able to figure out how to put it in and get it out, but I'm concerned.
I assume I would like a "medium" firmness. I'm not too sure, but I'm thinking too soft or too hard is just harder to use.
If we're being picky, I would also prefer a colored cup, because I'm just not digging the clear.
Also, I am on a budget. I am comfortable with paying a bit more for a cup, but I want to be fairly certain that the cup will work for me before purchasing. I do not want to blow 30-40 dollars on a cup that I simply cannot use.
Sorry for the scattered post, but I need help.