July 2nd, 2013

Getting frustrated, anyone else have this happen?

Today is the second night of my cycle, hoping into my third day of that makes sense. Anyway I'm having so much trouble with my cups today. I know my cervix loves to move around and it's very very low the first day and part of the second day that I'm bleeding, that's fine my fleur worked great, cervix say nicely in the cup and I was comfortable and had no leaks. I tried to reinsert my fleur tonight before bed and found it didn't "fit". It felt like it was being pushed out of me. Collapse )
  • radix3

New Yuuki infuser box

I didn't see this posted anywhere, so I hope this isn't old news. Yuuki is now selling cups with an infuser box, which can be used to boil, then store your cup after your period. The infuser box is also available separately if you already have a cup. I plan to order two cups from them at the end of the week and can post pictures of the packaging if that would be helpful.