June 20th, 2013


Mialuna 2G

Hi :-)

Have you seen the Mialuna of the 2nd generation ?
In particular, it now has a similar stem to the NaturalMamma’s and Farmacup’s ones.
Here’s a wiki page for it with a few pics, from easycup = http://wiki.easycup.fr/doku.php?id=coupes:mialuna

On the facebook page, it was said the cup was now whiter, and 5% stiffer than it used to be.
Moreover, there are several (short) videos for it on Youtube ;o).

Cups and Backpacking

Hi everyone!

I've posted a few times on various issues, and I'm happy to say that I've finally got a cup that is pretty good. The large fleurcup isn't my goldilocks cup, but its pretty darn close. But anyway, this isn't about choosing cups.

I'm 14, and every year I go to a two week backpacking summer camp. My periods are completely unpredictable, so I have no idea if I'll have my period while I'm there.

First off, while I'm backpacking, the general rule of thumb is to dig a 6" hole for poop, and no hole for pee. So what about blood? It seems fairly inconvenient and very conspicuous to be getting a shovel from my counselor twice a day, just for cup empties. Is it ethical to just find a bush(obviously far away from any water) and pour the blood at its roots? Nobody would see it, and it would nurture the plant. It would also be much quicker and easier than digging a hole for every empty. Let me know your opinion.

Also, when I'm in base camp, we have outside individual toilets enclosed in a tiny shack. There is no plumbing, so each toilet is basically a seat on top of a HUGE pit at least 15 feet deep. By now you can probably guess my question. How do I keep from dropping my cup? I'm generally very good about it, but I have dropped it in the toilet once. At home, it's not a big deal, but if I drop it at camp, I can't get it back. Is there anything that I can do to be extra careful? Also, the water spigots are outside of the bathroom, so for how long is it safe to simply wipe out my cup with toilet paper?

If you could help me out with one or both of my questions, I would be very grateful. This community has been amazingly helpful in learning to use cups. Thanks you guys!!!!


Help me navigate the Meluna option jungle

Hi all,

I'm hoping some of you more experienced people can offer a little guidance. Meluna has too many options! How in the world do I go about picking???

Background in case it helps: I used a Diva (the small one) before I had kids and I found it really annoying to get to open correctly (too stiff, I'm guessing). After kids I got a Large Ladycup. It was a breeze to insert (LOVED that!) but was uncomfortable for me even with the stem cut all the way off. I finally turned it inside out, which helped in the comfort department somewhat--but that solution only worked for the first little while after insertion...as time goes on, it becomes less and less comfortable (feels like it's coming out or something).

I'm thinking this go-around, I want to try a Meluna. But should I go with soft or classic or sport? I've just cut my stems all the way off in the past so they don't poke me, so should I even worry about which stem style to get (If yes, which should I pick)? It looks like the Meluna site has a deal right now on their starter kits so I'm leaning that way...but that would mean classic stiffness and I'm just not sure if soft would be better. So many options...