June 18th, 2013

Cup Brands That Offer "Buy One, Donate One" Packages?

Forgive me if this has already been asked - I didn't see anything when searching.

I've noticed that both Ruby Cup and Femmecup offer buy one, donate one deals when purchasing from their websites. (You can purchase a cup for yourself, and pay for a second cup that the company will donate to charity.) Do any of you happen to know of other brands that have similar programs?

Thanks in advance!
black eye

In search of new cup

Hello cup experts!

It has been many years since I researched and picked out a new cup, and I'll admit I'm totally overwhelmed by my options. I'm certain that if I spent one week reading the internet I could come to a good conclusion, but I just don't have all that time to devote to it, so I'm hoping you all could help me out.

Today I realized (story behind the cut) that the cup that fits me the best these days is my least favorite to clean, and that it might be time to consider a new one. So, my ideal cup is:

  1. About the same size/shape as my smaller diva cup. Definitely not as wide as the larger lunette. The big lunette feels too big and the small lunette feels too small and the diva feels just right.

  2. As stiff as the largest lunette. I like the way it pops into place so easily. Sometimes I have to fiddle around with the diva to get it to open up.

  3. As easy to clean as the lunette: I like the big holes in the lunettes and I really really do NOT like trying to clean the hollow stem on the diva.

  4. Made in the USA, if that's possible. (Is Canada as close as I can get?)

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So, what do you think is the easiest to clean, most firm cup available in the US that's about 42-43mm wide?

Also, while I'm posting, does anyone know where one might find cheaper lunapanties or any other companies that make something similar? I have a few pairs that I absolutely adore and I would really like some more, but more than $30 for a pair of underpants is a little hard to justify, even if they might be the greatest underpants on earth for one week each month.