June 8th, 2013

Cramps using cup

I have a femmecup, which when I insert (I make sure it's opened and positioned properly which it is) I get severe, sharp abdominal pain. I don't think it's touching my cervix because my vagina isn't that short and the femmecup isn't exactly a long cup. I'm on my first cycle with the cup and I'm just finding it painful once it's in (I've mastered insertion and getting there with removal) and also pretty messy. I wore it last night, put it in at 11pm and woke up at 5am with it leaking. Not sure whether it was full or not because I emptied it over the toilet without looking, but there was a lot in there.
One of the main reasons I bought one was the length of time you could wear it and by extension that you could wear it overnight. Tampons are fine with me; they don't dry me out and my only issues with them is TSS and how you can only wear them 8 hours. For reference, on my heaviest days the minimum time I could keep a tampon in is 6 hours, usually up to 7-8. I assumed that due to the bigger capacity I'd be able to leave the cup in longer, up to twelve hours and have never considered myself to have a heavy flow. I've had to empty my cup much more frequently for some reason and I feel unclean compared to tampons. It was so painful and impractical I have put a tampon in and the cramps went.
When taking it out, it hurts and when I squeeze it to try and break the seal all the blood will come out if its fairly full.
Any suggestions to make it easier/stop the pain?
I'm fourteen by the way :)

I miss my Diva cup

So not only did I get my period a week early for some reason(which NEVER happens) but it turns out I have an infection(bv- bacterial vaginosis)so I can't use my Diva cup this cycle and even though I still use pads and alternate them with my cup since i'm still in the learning curve I MISS my cup soooo much, it was awesome to be able to put it in on a heavy day and pretty much forget about it. lol So I was just wondering, has anyone else not been able to use their cup at some point and realized how much you love it?