June 3rd, 2013

Can't decide on a size?

I'm 20 years old, nonvirgin, and looking for a reusable cup. I've tried the Soft Cups and had issues getting them out (although I eventually figured it out by bearing down) but I want to move to a permanent cup. I have no idea how high/low my cervix sits. Although I know a lot about my body, I either can't reach it or I can't find it (which makes me believe it is high, as I've used the NuvaRing too and I have never noticed it). I think I'm going to get a Lunette because I get free two-day shipping from Amazon on the Lunettes and DivaCups. I usually experience a three day period, where the last day is light/spotting and the first day is my heaviest (but still moderate). Although I have not been pregnant or given birth, my husband and I plan on trying in the next few months so I don't want to risk getting a small cup if it will only work for me for two months. Everything I have read seems really confusing and I keep flipping back and forth between the small and large cups. I like the idea of it being smaller/less stiff but I don't want to purchase something that will not work for me. Does anyone have any advice for me? Thanks in advance!

longtime Divacup user having prob. and looking to switch...suggestions?

Hey everyone,

I thought this community might be the best place to ask my question as many of you are so knowledgeable about menstrual cups! I've been a divacup user for years and have been fairly satisfied with it but I've been having major leaks this "cycle" --more like random bleeding that's been going on for 2 weeks now...it's happened before (6 months straight of bleeding (!!) but all doc's I've seen say that it's not a problem (?!?!).

I've tried turning the cup inside out, making sure my cervix was inside the cup, putting it lower, etc and I still I'm getting bright red leaks every time even though there's hardly anything in the cup. I've had the same results with my spare (barely used) divacup too.

Also, I notice that despite being able to hold 30ml, my cup always overflows at 15ml and most people overflow at 25ml where the air holes are. Do you think I need shorter cup to be able to hold to full capacity? Even if I've never had a problem with the stem length?

Another major problem I have is getting the cup to create suction when I'm standing. I sit at home and it's a piece of cake, but stand in public restrooms. After all these years, It's still a hit or miss on whether or not I can get the cup to open up with air and create a seal while standing. I need to be able to not worry and get it 100% of the time.

Because of all of this I'm looking for a new cup. Any suggestions on a menstrual cup that is less prone to leaking, will overflow only when truly full instead of half-full, and is easier to create a seal when inserted standing??

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your help!!

PS: I'm 24, married, and no pregnancies