May 30th, 2013

Can't get cup out due to pain!

This is my first post here. I am 15, a virgin and have a small Ladycup. My hymen isn't a problem because I broke it several years ago during sports. I was a competitive gymnast for many years, and so my PCs are extremely strong and my vagina is tight.

I got the cup about three weeks ago right after my last period ended, so I did some dry runs. These weren't very successful so I waited until my period which started last night. It was surprisingly easy to get in. I used the punch down fold, put I halfway in, let go, it popped open, then slid up into place. I wasn't expecting it to actually go in, so I panicked and tried to get it out, but after being unsuccessful and realizing that I actually couldn't feel the cup and it was not painful as I was expecting, I left it there and relaxed.

The next several times I tried to get it out both last night and this morning I experienced severe pain right before the cup rim comes out. What I have been doing is pulling on the stem till I can reach the bottom of the cup, then pinching the bottom and easing I out while wiggling in circular motions. When the rim is almost out i tip the cup to let one side come out first, but it becomes extremely painful and I have to let the cup go back up.

Suction is definitely breaking, so that isn't the issue. I think the problem had to do with a tough ring of tissue just on the inside of my vagina. If I stick a finger about half an inch in then bend the finger, I can pull down on the ridge of tissue. During one of the dry runs when I tried the C fold, I could get the cup in, but only after shoving it past this barrier. When I removed the C fold only slightly opened, I experience a similar pain as I am feeling now, just not as bad. I have tried refolding the cup, but I can't get even one finger in far enough while the cup is there, and if I push in on the side, it is painful like I am pushing on myself. This is probably my cervix. It may be a bit inside the cup, meaning when I push on the cup or even try to get a finger past the rim I am pushing on the cervix.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know what that tough ring of tissue is? Does this have anything to do with my strong PCs?

I really want this cup to work, it is comfortable (except for the stem being a bit long)and I haven't had a single leak in the last 14 hours. Right now I just really want to get the cup out, but I am also afraid I will be too scared to put it back in again.

ouch :(

Hey all. I started using cups last month and ordered both a femmecup and a ladycup (for women who've given birth). The femmecup last month was great, no problems at all really except a couple of tiny teething issues. Used it yesterday fine but today couldn't seem to get it to pop..It inserted but was leaking, and it was def leaking and not residual.... so used the ladycup instead. First time I put it in this morning it was fine. Second time it kept popping before it was all the way in but I used kegels to get it up and it seemed ok. But I have had the most awful feeling of pressure and pain, hard to describe but sort of in a line running from hipbone to hipbone across my abdomen. I removed the cup which instantly relieved the pressure and lessened the pain but it still feels a little tender. Anybody have ideas why this may have been please?
Also, any hints for popping the femmecup? I could get it to pop last month and yesterday by running my finger around the rim but nothing doing the second time. In all honesty I was in a rush so didn't have much time to try and adjust it so it could have been a one off, but any hints in case it wasn't? and really, what was the pressure thing?! I'm feeling a little violated in my lady areas to tell the truth!!
Thanks :)