May 29th, 2013

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So I've limited down to the choices of cup I want to a medium meluna and a small fleurcup. Will fleurcup get blue cups again? Or was that just limited edition or something? Colour doesn't totally matter but I would prefer blue. I emailed them but they responded with that they didn't have time to reply lol.

Sticky Spot on MeLuna Rim?

I'm a longtime lurker and recent cup convert, and the information I've found here has been invaluable - thank you all!

I recently ordered a soft MeLuna cup (I love my Ladycup, but it's a bit too long during my heaviest flow days when my cervix is super low). On the rim of the MeLuna, right by the seam, there's a very sticky spot that feels different from the rest of the cup. It's so tacky that if I press my finger on the spot, I can actually leave my fingerprint in the plastic. Is this normal?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

Seasoned cup user, but not completely satisfied - recommendations please!

Hello all! I spent a good amount of time trying to find answers by looking through others' posts and didn't quite find what I'm looking for, so I apologize if my questions seem redundant.

After inquiring in this community, I purchased both large and small LadyCups over three years ago. On the whole, I am pleased with my experience and have no plans to stop using cups. I do have issues with both sizes of LadyCup, however.

With the small LC, I'm more prone to leaks. They tend to occur at the beginning and middle of my period, even if it's not (IMO) completely full. To elaborate, I'll get a bit of leakage even if the volume is just below the holes. It is possible that's a normal maximum volume. I've had the "morning flood" type of leak. Also, if I'm laying down and changing positions periodically, I'll sometimes hear a wet gurgle, after which I get a small, steady leak.

I don't recall any big leak issues with the large LC - it's actually pretty reliable in that regard. I got both sizes because I wanted to have the option of larger capacity, especially at night, and the large LC fulfills my desires well in that regard. My problem is the width/diameter. At 46 mm, it fits, but sometimes uncomfortably so. When it's fully inserted, I'll have this vague and disconcerting stretching sensation at the cup's widest point, and I'll get brief pain upon removal, just due to the size of my vaginal opening. I've had instances where I've had trouble getting it to open fully once inside - again, due to size - and this has caused a few leaks in the past. I've actually not used my large LC in months because of the size issue.

I've also had some cramps with both sizes. There's the general cramp, and also a slight, dull throbbing pain inside my vagina. Both dissipate upon removal.

Now I'm in the market for a new cup.

- I'm open to buying two different sizes again as long as the total price doesn't exceed around $45 USD, but I'd be very pleased if I could buy just one that would be comfortable for the duration of my period as well as suitable for overnight wear (unlike the small LC!). I'm looking for a capacity of at least 20 mL.

- I chose LadyCup because users described it as being one of the softest available at the time. This is still pretty important for me because of the comfort issue and also because I have incontinence. Cups press on my bladder and also affect bowel movements sometimes.

- I suspect that a slightly larger width would solve the leaking problem I have with the small LC, which is 40 mm, but keeping in mind the width issue with the large LC, I don't think I'd be served well by going above 43 mm. Let me know if you think differently/have a different experience.

- I think I have a medium length vagina, and during my period, I can touch my cervix with my middle finger being just over two knuckles in (my fingers/hands are not small nor large). Does this mean I need a short cup?

I've had a look at Kuradi8's size chart, and I think a small Fleurcup may be a good choice. I'm also interested in the Sckoon Cup in size 1 and the FemmyCycle. I don't think I'd be too pleased with the large pull stem on the FemmyCycle, but I'd try it if it meant no leaks!

I'm not sure where the true question is hidden here, but if you have recommendations on cups or on solutions to any of my problems, I'd be truly grateful if you shared!