May 23rd, 2013

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Hi all!
I'm in the middle of my first cycle with a Sckoon cup. First dry run did not go well, but so far everything else has! I've got my insertion/removal routine down to about 6 minutes without problems, until today.
My periods used to be about 4-5 days of too-heavy-for-super-plus-tampons deluge, but since the beauty of the pill I'm down to one true flow day-except during this day I can go through about 3 super tampons (so it goes from nothing to full force to nothing again). My cup is in place, suction is good, everything seems dandy except I'm getting very small, very slow leakage-enough for a pantyliner. When I empty the cup, it's full of the usual very dark/thick stuff, but the leakage is thin and brown (almost looks like what happens on the last day or so-doesn't look anything like my flow). While I'm changing the cup things don't slow down at all, so I'm wondering if this is really leakage or could this be what gets around the cup when I'm cleaning and reinserting? Has anyone else had anything like this? Today is the full force day-there was no leaking at all on my couple of very light days.
Even with this going on, this is such an improvement over tampons! Thankfully I'm down to the end of my light pads/liners, so I'm stopping to get some fabric ones to day as backup (I was bummed when the liner had to come to the rescue today). So glad I stumbled upon this miracle last year!

Sckoon cup vs Lunette


This my first time to use a menstrual cup. Last month I bought the Lunette model 1 since I have a low cervix. It's working pretty well though my cervix sets in the cup and can be a bit uncomfortable. Would the Sckoon since it's larger (the large cup) be a good fit? I am a mom of 3, low cervix with a heavy flow on two of the days. I'd like something to go around the cervix not pinch it in a since.

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I have a question.

I have recently put a lot of research into ordering my first menstrual cup. I picked the Meluna Classic I can't wait for it to get here!

The question I asked myself over and over while looking into all the different products is Why do menstrual cups seam to be nearly exclusively European? I know that the keeper, moon cup, and diva cup are American but three is a very small percent of the numerous brands of cups that are out there. Even these brand seem to be harder to get than I would like. How have cups gained so much popularity in Europe with so very little in the US? I am just confused as to how I have never herd of menstrual cups until my 20’s. Why is it that there are pad/tampon commercials on tv during almost every commercial break but there is not a single menstrual cup company advertising in America? and why can’t go in Walmart or local drugstore and buy a menstrual cup? Do you think this is in our future for them to be more widely available? Why isn't it all ready a reality? What is the difference in our cultures American and European for the difference in popularity? My last question is their any US company/store/website that I can order European cups from.

Femmycycle review

I am a longtime member of this community but haven't posted in probably like... 2 years, ha. I'm 26, no kids, been using cups for about 4 years. I've tried lots of different cups and for the past several months I was using the Femmecup pretty much exclusively, but my problem with the Femmecup is it's fairly low capacity and I would inevitably wake up in the morning only to find it had overflowed. Since I hate using backup pads I have always been on the look out for something short and high capacity.

I recently found out about the Femmycycle and as soon as I realized it was "leak-proof" I had to get it. Miraculously it arrived on the same day as my period so I got to try it out immediately (it took only 3 business days to ship from California to Maryland!). I've been using it for the past three days now and it is AMAZING. The fact that it's designed to never pop open completely is weird and slightly nerve-wracking at first, but it has not once leaked even a little bit. I wore it overnight and voila, no leaking! Today was my heaviest day and I went the entire day without having to empty my cup at work (which is another thing I hated about the Femmecup).

Also, unlike other high capacity cups I've tried, it doesn't press on my bladder at all. I think this is because it never pops open fully, even though it looks a lot wider than other cups. I've never had a cup that uses the ring stem before and I have to say I prefer the ring stem over the traditional stem. All I have to do is gently pull on it and the cup comes right out. I haven't had the problem of the cup making weird noises on removal like some other people mentioned.

I am ridiculously excited about this because I think I have finally found my "goldilocks" cup! Looking forward to sleeping through another night without worrying about leaks!!