May 19th, 2013


I've seen people on here saying that they get these cups for free to test them out. I really would love to do that. How does one become an official tester? Thanks in advance! :)

Angel cup from Mexico

Hello fellow cuppers!
I've got to know about this cup a month ago or so but I never posted about it to the community as I thought someone else have done it before, however I was wrong. The Angelcup has been around for more than 6 months and no one has mentioned it!
It's a cup from Mexico, made in Mexico (not like the Mexican Lunacup which is made in the US) with medical grade silicone FDA approved. The cup has two different sizes chica/small (for women with moderate flow, who haven't had a vaginal birth or under 30) and grande/large (for women above 30, who have had a vaginal birth or with heavy flow).
For the pictures I've seen the cup is somehow similar to a Naturcup, with a longer ball stem and with a really flexible clear silicone. Both sizes come with measuring lines (up to 10 ml on the small size but it holds 20 ml up to the holes, and up to 15 ml  which holds 30 ml up to the holes), the logo of the company and their website on it. It comes whith a pouch of the company with the logo written on the outside and a pink ribbon to close it.
I've visited their website ( and their facebook site (Copa Menstrual Angelcup) and they have a lot of information on their product but also on environmental issues, women's health, menstruation... I like the fact that they are really active trying to make people aware of the problems related with the use of disposables.
Even though this cup seems to have been there for months I couldn't find any opinions on the net besides this one (two post, arrival of the cup first and review after use later):  and Both are in Spanish but Google Translator can do it.
Here a couple of  pictures of the cup from their facebook page:Collapse )

Any thoughts on it?

New to the possibility of cups

I'm 33 years old, but I have no children. I have been reading about the nasty things tampons can do to your body, like Toxic Shock. Apparently the way I wear a tampon is just asking for death because I have such a light flow I can get away with just 4 OB regular tampons my entire cycle. Buuuttt, I'm not supposed to wear them overnight or as long as it'd take them to full up. So I'd like to either switch to organic cotton ones or a cup. My gyno says that I have a pretty short vagina and tilted uterus (she comments on it every exam). Since my flow is so light and adding that to the fact of the short vagina and tilted bit, I figure I'll need a pretty small cup.

The research I've done in this community points me to a small or mini Meluna, a small Sckoon, or a small Lunette. I'm very familiar with my body and I'm not squeamish at all, but I really don't want to pay for a cup that won't work for me. Who here has tiny insides and can weigh in?