May 16th, 2013

Peeing and Menstrual Cups

I have a DivaCup, and it works okay. I've been using it since November, though I took a break for 3 months while I was on the ring (I just stopped using it). Peeing always took a little longer than normal while the cup was in. This cycle, I can't pee while the cup is in. It's painful if I try. Everything's fine if I remove the cup though. I'm guessing the cup is compressing my urethra?

Would this be fixed by getting a new cup? I'm definitely not against that. The DivaCup is too long for me. My cervix is very low-lying and I can find it during all parts of my cycle. This means the end of the cup hangs out a bit. Surprisingly, it usually isn't uncomfortable.

Any suggestions?


Should I get a Meluna cup?

Ok so I'm not very sure what cup I should get. I'm 16 and a virgin. I usually use tampons and never had problems inserting them. I think I might have a moderate flow throughout, I can usually get about 4 hours out of a regular size tampon. Right now I can reach my whole middle finger inside and just touch my cervix (or what I believe is my cervix) but during my period it goes as low as about 5 cm in. I was thinking about getting a meluna cup since they are cheap and have a Canadian site that seems very straightforward. But I was wondering if I could just put the meluna cup inside a normal mug and then in the microwave for 1-2 minutes? I would get the sterilization cup but I don't got much money. I was thinking about getting the medium size. Would you recommend the meluna cup? Does anyone know any other cups at a cheap price that ship to Canada that I could also consider?