May 15th, 2013

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Since I didn't get any responses to a comment of mine in a very old topic, I'm gonna try it with a new post. By the way, I didn't know "vegetarian/vegan" is also a tag here.. does it even make a difference when it comes to menstrual cups? (Because I'm a vegan.)
And yes, I am aware there are some related topics but those didn't really help me (and everyone's lady bits are individual, right? :) )

So here is it:
I have a feeling that I "crush" my cup (MeLuna classic, size m). At least it looks squished when I pull it out after exhausted trying of placing it right. I already wrote to the MeLuna support whether I need a smaller or/and a firmer size or should simply try harder but didn't get an answer so far. According to their size chart I should use m (even without the sport issue I get nowhere near s).

But I really seem having problems with placing the cup right since it just doesn't want to suction (sorry, I don't know if that's the common word for it or even a verb) and, like I said, it looks squished which makes me believe that the cup might be a bit too large or too soft. Has anyone had this problem, too, and then tried MeLuna sport?! If so, did it work out better?

Also, my problem is that I don't know anything about my anatomy down there, e.g. if my cervix is low (heck, I didn't even know a cervix could be low/high) or if I have any kind of dysfunction/malformation. I only know - avoiding TMI - that I really might be 'literally uptight'. Or is it normal for a woman to be tight, especially without lube and stuff?! ('Cause I've read of some women who cannot seem to insert the cup without any lube.)
When menstruating, I use the smallest tampon size (mini) every day and I don't need to change it for a few hours. And even with that size I don't feel very comfortable. I don't know if that's of any relevance but it surprises me a little. (Sometimes I use a bigger tampon but that's rare.)

And - but I'm not very sure - I think the cup fit the first time I tried it on/in ;) (first day of menstrual cycle, actually). Or I was yet too unexperienced to check it accurately because the second time/day it seemed to leak (A LOT.. it was like I didn't use any vaginal sanitary products). Does this maybe mean that my cervix somehow "moves" during the menstrual cycle? (Seems to be common, too. Like I said I didn't even know any of this.)

I already tried at least two kinds of folding, different positions, squished here and there, put it back and forth, but when I start pulling the cup out it works without much difficulty (but it shouldn't, at least I think so). And sometimes it seems to finally start 'sucking' somewhere near the entrance. (But that's too low/uncomfortable.)
And it's also the squished look that really makes me wonder. (Maybe I even overcooked the cup? Or it's broken? I don't know..)

What do you think? Does anyone have suggestions? With my next menstrual cycle coming up I'd like to read some suggestions before buying a new cup. I'm thinking about getting MeLuna classic s or even MeLuna sport s but I'm afraid they might be useless, too.

Oh, I forgot two things:
- No virgin, no birth, sexually active
- The first time I unpacked the cup I got scared. Could also be a sign for wrong size? ;o Although most other women probably are surprised the first time, too.

Meluna STINKS, and I have a theory

Suuuper long-time lurker, first time poster. This community is amazing, and an absolute wealth of information, so I thought I'd contribute where I can!

I wanted to share my experience with a few different cups. So I've found at least two other posts remarking about the stench that comes from their melunas after barely 4-5 hours use. I've had a Ladycup, a Lunette, and the MINI SOFT MELUNA for a bit, and never had any problems with strong smells. The mini meluna would sometimes require slightly more scrubbing, but it would go away pretty quick. I thought I was safe.


So the mini meluna was great, and I was so impressed with the soft squishy cup and the ball end that I figured I'd order some bigger ones for my heavier days. I also figured they'd be essentially the same cup as my mini, just in a different shape. But it isn't!

I know they list their "main ingredient" as TPE, but I feel like they may have changed something in the new moulds when they released their new line.

I think the minis were/are still using the original line's materials. The inside of my soft mini is very smooth, and feels like silicone. It's REALLY squishy.

When I got my medium soft meluna, it wasn't the same at all. There was a mark along the rim (from the machine, apparently), the cup was stiffer, and the inside isn't smooth. When I run my finger around the inside of the cup, it feels rougher, and I think it has something to do with the material.

Long story short, my mini soft meluna is just fine. I took my medium meluna soft for a run today, and after a single use it smells. Like GOD AWFUL smells. I've tried wiping it down with rubbing alcohol and that seems to have helped it a bit, but I don't think I'll ever be using the damn thing again. I also have a small regular meluna, and I'm now afraid to even go near it.

I feel like the stem is stabbing me.

I am 26 years old and I purchased a Lunette size 2.
I only just got it today and I reinserted it 100 times. OK not really, but quite a lot until I put it aside, for annoying me too much.
I don't have a problem getting it in there or anything, I don't think. But the stem sticks out and feels like it is stabbing me. Honestly it's all the way up at my vaginal opening it seems to sort of hang out at an angle. So I push it up as high as I can and mess with it until it's hanging straight down. After about 2 minutes of wearing it, it seems to work its way back down and angle itself to start stabbing me again.

Any help getting this to work for me would be greatly appreciated.
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Cleaning Divacup pouch

I just finished my third cycle, and I'm very very happy with my cup. But I've got a question about the pouch, and I haven't seen *anything* about that anywhere, so I thought I'd ask. Cleaning the cup is easy enough, but what about washing the pouch? For some reason mine has got a mildewey smell--the kind of smell things get when they air dry but don't actually *dry*--and I definitely don't want to put my cup in there till that smell is gone. Can I just put it in the laundry in a lingerie bag? I make my own laundry detergent, but I still think the stuff in it (washing soda, borax, fels naptha soap) wouldn't be good getting on the cup, and therefore inside of me! Or is that not a big deal? I do wash my cup before each cycle, so it'd be pretty clean either way. I just know I don't want any mildew on my pouch or on my cup!