May 13th, 2013

Sckoon Cup Review

Hey everyone, I thought I would share my Sckoon cup review here with you all.  I know it is waaaayyyyyy overdue, but I have just been stretched so thin with a lot of activities, lol.   Anyway, I put up a video and pictures and all.  Even a picture of the opaque pink one they sent me a few years ago as their "rough draft" so to speak.  Its not offered anymore, but its interesting to look at.   Here is the review:

NaturalMamma review

NOTE TO READERS: I got my NaturalMamma as a promotional cup, and I promised a review in a menstrual cup community.  Please note that the promotional value of the cup has not affected this review.

I've been through several cups in the past few (maybe 5?) years.  I started out with the Lunette, back when there was only one size (which later morphed into being their larger size).  I liked the softness, I cut off the entire stem, but it was too wide and too long for me.

I then moved on to the small Diva, which I again cut off the entire stem of, and it was more comfortable, but again, the end of it stuck out of my vagina just slightly.  I didn't need the capacity, so off I went again, off to look for my Goldilocks cup.

I got a small Lunette Selene, which I loved dearly...until I got an IUD, and it began to leak.  Sadness, because I loved it.

When I heard about the NaturalMamma, and saw the bell-shaped picture that I'd had so much luck with, I decided to take a chance on it.  I'm SO glad I did!

I've never received a sample cup to write a review before, but I was running short on funds, and I thought it was a valid reason to ask for one.  I contacted the maker and asked if I could get a sample of their cup to review.  After a brief language barrier issue (Italian to English), she sent me one.

I got a white/clear cup - I just noticed on their website that they are now offering it in a pale green color, too.  It came in a white (!) zippered polyester pouch, lined in a waterproof...vinyl, I think.  The pouch had some slight dirt on it when it arrived, but I got it out with a Clorox bleach pen.  This is the first cup I haven't had to trim the stem on AT ALL, and it doesn't bother me.  The bell shape is ideal for me, and the slightly stiffer-than-Lunette material has completely stopped all my leaking issues.

Overall, I'm super happy with it, and it's the only cup I'm currently using.  I love it!

Strange bulge where I think my vagina is

I only joined yesterday and this is my second post already, so sorry about that. I'm sure some of you may have read my last post, but basically it was about the fact that inserting a cup (I stupidly bought a MoonCup, not realising how many other options there are) seems completely impossible.

Anyway, I tried what some of you said and had a look in a mirror. I couldn't see too well, because I only have a small hand mirror, and I don't shave or anything, plus the lighting was pretty odd so I had to use a torch (I certainly won't be telling my best friend what I used the book lamp she got me for my birthday for...), and therefore I had a very sketchy view, but from what I could see, I seem to simply have a bulge where my vagina should be. It's like there's a hole, and then a sort of fleshy lump protruding from the middle of it. It would make it completely impossible to get anything in there. It hurt a little when I pressed on it. I have no idea what it is - my hymen, perhaps? I don't even know what it should look like. It seems to be just a fleshy mess down there. I can feel this bump when I wipe (I'm so sorry!) and have so for about a year, which adds to my feeling that it could be my hymen, as I've heard they can get thicker during puberty? Whatever it is, it's getting in the way, and if it's not my hymen then I don't know what it is and that scares me. If it IS my hymen, then what would I do about it? It seems pretty unmovable. I don't know how I'd get my cup in there.

Sorry this is a little off topic, but everyone on here has been so friendly and un-judgemental, unlike the rest of the internet, and I feel more comfortable addressing this to you on here. Could anyone give me some advice on anything, please?


First experience with a cup

Hi :)

I'm 16 and a virgin. I recently bought a menstrual cup (the Mpowercup). I bought the large one as I have a very heavy flow - by heavy I mean, I have to use super sized tampons AND a really long, thick pad so that I don't leak. I really hate how uncomfortable it is.

I was a bit skeptical about the cup idea because it looked huge on the videos and pictures I'd seen online but I have used tampons and I masturbate often so I decided I would buy one.

My period passed two weeks ago and so I couldn't use it then, so today I decided to do a dry run. I sat on the toilet, did a punch-down fold with my cup (it looked the most comfortable) and then I slowly inserted it. It felt weird for a few seconds inside. I couldn't really feel the stem and I made sure it was fully open and the rim was against the wall of my vagina. I tried sitting on a flat surface to see if I could feel it and I guess I was successful because I couldn't feel it so much either.

Then I wanted to take it out...

Oh my, was it uncomfortable. I reached for the stem and pulled down, but it felt strange and it was difficult. So I put my thumb and index finger in to hold the part above the stem and pushed down on it and I could feel what I think is my cervix at the rim of the cup( it didn't hurt or anything, but I could feel it). I am having trouble trying to figure out if my cervix is low or high.It came out but the rim pushed against the bottom of my vagina entrance (where I think my hymen is but am quite uncertain) and it hurt! It felt like I was stretching it (like sometimes when you masturbate and you try three fingers but it just won't work).

So I decided to try again after masturbating ( so it could be more lubricated). This was probably not the best idea because it was difficult to get it in as my vagina walls were swollen inside due to masturbation (I've read tons about the female anatomy but still can't figure out my own anatomy). I tried to pull the cup out then and it still hurt the bottom part of my vagina entrance.

I'm hoping it will be easier to insert and remove it when I actually have my period but does anyone have any tips for me on how to stop it from hurting. As well as any other tips for a first time user.

Do I have a high cervix?

Gosh, sorry for posting so often. I just have lots of questions and no one to ask them to, and everyone here is so understanding!

So I've been wanting to try a MoonCup but I haven't ever actually inserted something into my vagina before, and was actually kind of confused about the anatomy of 'down there'. I've never used a tampon before and have always assumed I just didn't have the right body shape for one, that there was perhaps something wrong with me. Today, however, I managed to insert one finger, in the squatting position. It didn't hurt at all, which surprised me. I got my whole finger in there (I have famously long, thin fingers) and only stopped because I reached the end of my finger. I THINK I felt a wall at the end, but I'm not sure.

I'm fifteen and a virgin. My questions are:
-Is it likely that I still have my hymen?
-Do I have a high cervix (I'm coming to the end of my period, and I thought squatting lowered it)?
-This might sounds silly, but isn't it kind of dangerous putting un-sterile objects inside our bodies? I mean, I know that's how we bring new life and all, but it seems like a fast-track way to infection (by un-sterile, I mean my finger I guess).