May 5th, 2013

Movies which explicitly deal with menstruation

So, I was watching Ginger Snaps, a teenage werewolf movie I first came across about two years ago. It compares the transformation into a werewolf and the changes occurring during puberty. I think of it as a path-breaking movie( for me) since it was the first time I explicitly saw menstrual blood in a film. And it was done in a good way, no one freaks out(except the girl lol), no ridicule or disgust, the mom actually bakes a cake for her daughter.See for yourself-

The one in 1976 Carrie, in my opinion is pretty tame in comparison.
Usually, we have the girl discovering her first period and then the scene cuts to show her panicked face. Any other movies which relatively graphically depict menstruation without going into the horrific or disgusting territory? I can only think of the The Runaways and A Walk on the moon-

Just to make this question relevant to the community, in the 2013 Carrie remake the teacher should tell her about cups and she should use them in order to flout her overbearing mother's beliefs and establish her independence. I know its not happening, but I like to make up stories in my head! :D

PS, has anyone watched the documentary Red Moon- there is a trailer somewhere on youtube. It concerns the social attitude towards menstruation and I hear its done in a funny and charming way.


Too wide, too stiff, or both?

Hey peeps,

I originally got a small mooncupUK around a year ago but I was quite intimidated by the size of it (it's about as long me in there) and found it uncomfortable and painful and scary, as you do when you're new. So I ended up getting a meluna MINI small and it's been super dreamy but being the smallest cup on the market it loses out on the capacity side of things. So I decided to give my MCUK another shot today, now that I'm more experienced, and it actually went in just fine, but it's still a bit uncomfortable due to the pressure it's exerting on the walls of my vagina.

So here are my questions. Will my body get used to it and stop being uncomfortable? Will it make a difference to attempt to tone up my muscles by doing kegel excercises (whatever they are, squats and stuff?)? Or should I just look into getting a different cup and if so is it just a softer cup I need, or one that is as thin as the meluna, 40mm. There are a few cups that fit that criteria but I'd like to know if I can get better capacity by going up to 44mm like the MCUK because I am limited by having my cervix about 40-50mm in. So, too wide, too stiff, or both?

As for the background: 19, virgin and from New Zealand

Thanks cuppers