May 4th, 2013


Heavy flow too much for my small LadyCup

Hello all!
First off, I want to thank this community for allowing me to stalk it while I researched cups and went through my first few cycles. I found so many answers without writing a single post! Thank you!

Now, to preface my question, here are a few facts:
-I am 24, married, and have no children yet.
-I have a small LadyCup, and this is the only cup I've tried.
-I have gone through 4 cycles now.
-I have trimmed off about half of the stem, and can now wear it comfortably.
-Insertion with the labia fold works great, and removal is super easy!

Apparently my flow is really heavy, because during the first 2 days of my period I have to empty the cup at 2 hours, or else it leaks a lot. I am always wearing cloth pads as backup, because getting to the bathroom every two hours is not possible with my job. Dealing with the leaking is not fun, and I need a solution! This current process is only slightly better than my old habits of super long pads and super tampons.

So, my question is, will a bigger cup work for me? I long to have the advertised "12 hours" of wear. I hate pads and tampons, and love that I'm saving money with my cup, but I can't just go buy 3 or 4 different cups on my budget.
Suggestions on which cup to try that will hold more?

Cervix position changes

Hi, I have not posted here in awhile..
I am 14, have been using menstrual cups for 2 months now, virgin, with a Lunette size 1 Aine.
The cup has been great! Although I have a problem..
I always knew I had a low cervix but I did not know my position changes throughout the cycle.
My first day, the cup sits very high up (and I can barely reach the stem).
The second and third day, the cup sits VERY low. All the grip rings protrude my vagina.
The fourth, fifth, and sixth days, the cup sits high again.

My problem is, the stem gets really itchy and unbearable on the 2nd and 3rd days. BUT, I have no way of reaching the base on my first day without the stem. I've tried practicing bearing down but it is way too hard. I won't be able to remove it without the stem.

So what should I do? Is there anything I can do?
Thank you all!

New Cup?

Hello all!

I've been using a completely trimmed Lunette size 1 for 7 cycles now, and by cycle 3, I realized I had a low cervix. I have somewhat heavy flow, so the cup was really appealing. My first cycle, I was able to fill the cup past the 13ml mark, but ever since, I generally empty it around 10ml-13ml at most. When I start getting bubbles, it's accompanied by a lot of clear fluid, which means it's time to empty the cup. Lately, I change it about every 4 hours on heavy days, but during 2 of my cycles, it was every 2-3 hours.

For the most part, it doesn't leak. Sometimes it does, but it's just spotting. However, I get consistent residual slobber on my heavy days, so I wear a cloth pad in the day time. The last cycle and this cycle, I seemed to have less residual slobber, but I don't know if it's the particularities of recent cycles, or my body is getting used to the cup.

By the time I start getting bubbles, if I tilt to the side, it leaks like the cup isn't there. (Too full?)

In summary,
-I have a low cervix
-the cup sits right on top of my entrance (it -just- fits, I touch the residual 'nipple' of the stem when wiping)
-I have to change it every 2-4 hours on heavy days
-there is occasional spotting (probably when the cup tilts over)
-I get enough residual slobber to soak the crotch of my underwear twice on heavy days.
+it reduces my cramps
+no discomfort at all

I wonder if I could get something better, or if this is just what I have to deal with.

I have tried using the Lunette 1 inside out and the result was horrible leaking. I think the cup wouldn't stay in place with that kind of shape.

I tried using the Lunette 2 for better capacity, but it's too large. It can fit without any bladder issues but some discomfort when I bend, and when I cough, there's not enough space, so cup slams into something and the result is radiating pain.

So, I think the size of the Lunette 1 is the largest I can go. I'd like to try a Large Fleurcup, but after the pain with the Lunette 2, the same thing might happen with it.

I'd like to be able to get:
-more capacity
-cup that doesn't tilt/tilt easily
-less residual (I thought it might be because the cup was too narrow, but maybe it's just my body wasn't used to the cup.)

Looking at the chart, I was thinking of getting a Small Fleurcup.

What do you all think?

Edit: I'm using a large Fleurcup now. I found my cervix. It comes from the left side of my body and dangles. I'm expecting my period in a day or few and my cervix is 3cm in. When trying the large, I opened it up in front of my cervix by accident and felt for the rim. It felt like it rim was above the end of my cervix my 1cm. Anyways, I got my cervix in the cup after finding out it comes from the left. That's why I sometimes feel a little raw on the left side when I insert my cup.

It seems the only thing keeping my cup from going higher is that my cervix cascades from the left. So the rim is sandwiched on the left nook between the left wall and the cervix.

It sits at the entrance and after getting both the large and small fleur, I think I won't be using the small because you two were right. I needed a bigger cup for more capacity and need a softer large cup. There is no pain at all when I cough! I think I do feel some bladder pressure... Either because it's larger, or because of the rounded bottom, but I'm not sure.