April 24th, 2013

Can't seem to find my goldilocks cup.

I'm getting frustrated because I've been using cups for over a year now and can't seem to find the right one for me. I started with a Diva when I knew nothing about cups and happened to see that one on sale. It was ok but seemed to slip down and feel too low. I then bought the blue Lunette and this is the closest to a goldilocks cup I have found. It works great for me with no leaks until it's full. That's the only problem. I'd like more capacity. This is the first cycle with a fleurcup and Yukki. (All cups are large and I feel as if my flow is heavy.) During the day yesterday I tried the Yukki but it seemed to leak a little. It was mostly when I wiped but I don't think it was just residual slopper because it kept coming. I then tried the fleurcup and that seemed to work great. Since it was working, I figured I would try that for overnight. After sleeping for about 4 hours I woke up to a leaking feeling. I got up to check and when I stood I felt a huge gush. Luckily I had a pad on as well because the contents of the cup basically all spilled onto the pad as I walked to the bathroom. I assumed maybe I just couldn't wear a soft cup to bed for some reason so I inserted the Yukki. Since it's one of the stiffest cups, it pops opens very easily and I know it had opened. Then another four hours later the exact same thing happened. As soon as I stood I could feel it dumping onto my pad as I got out of bed. I don't understand how this happened with both cups. I can't feel my cervix so I assume it's really high. I never had this dumping issue overnight with the Lunette. That's the closest I've been to finding the right cup for me, but I'd like more capacity. Any idea why the Yukki would leak for me both day and night, and why both new cups would dump themselves overnight? Every cup I have tried seems to fit and feel fine so that doesn't help in my decision. Length, width, and stiffness doesn't really matter since they all seem to be comfortable for me. Once they are in I don't feel them at all. How do I find the cup for me, especially for overnight?

Advice for new cup

Hello, all!
I have been crawling through a lot of information, but I still need some help.
I am an 18 yr old virgin, average flow, 5'5" 117 lb (if that matters) and have been using a small Lunette off and on for the past 10 months. I say off and on because I used it for about 6 cycles and took a break because I was frustrated, and have started using it again but am still unhappy. I feel I am past the initial learning curve because I've gotten where I could insert very well even if it was still extremely uncomfortable at the entrance to get in, it was alright once in except it rides very low, the stem pokes even and after trimming, and some awful cramping. I don't usually cramp at all during my period, but when the cup is in it is miserable. And removing it is very painful, again, at the entrance is where most of the pain is.

I understand that the cramping while in could be caused by the cup suctioning to my cervix, or because the material is too firm for me. I had thought my cervix was medium height, but I guess it is lower especially during my period. Could the pain of insertion and removal be because I have a narrow entrance? Would a softer or shorter cup help with that or the cramping? The capacity of the Lunette seems to have worked fine, very few leaks, mostly my fault not making sure it was popped open all the way.

From what I have read I am considering a Meluna, but I would appreciate any advice.

STIs and proper cup sterilization?

Hi everyone! I'm new to this community and want to start off by thanking you all for the wealth of information available here.

I just purchased a Diva Cup 1 recently and have been waiting for my period to start ever since. I've had a couple of dry runs (I'm in that infuriating phase where I'm just waiting for my period to start so I tried wearing it to prevent any surprises but it decided not to show up yet) that were all very successful. My problem is this: I was just diagnosed with chlamydia 2 days ago and I took the single dose antibiotic yesterday, but I don't really know what to do once my period starts...Do you think it's safe to just wash and boil it again before I insert it next time? I really don't want to reinfect myself!

Thank you for your help!

Talking to mom, and other manipulation techniques (by a soon to be cupper)

Hello Cuppers!
I am thirteen years old and I started my period last month for the first time. From the moment I started my period, I found the idea of both pads and tampons wasteful and disgusting, to be honest. But seeing as they were all I had available to me in my house, I had to make do with pads (we have tampons but only ones without applicators).
I started to google eco friendly menstrual products, and soon came upon (drum roll please) the wonderful... the beautiful... the ever praised... menstrual cup! (play fanfare). I was intrigued by the idea of this odd, but strangely obvious device of feminine care. I was immediately ready to jump on the bandwagon (still am).
However... there's an issue. I don't exactly know how my mom would react to the idea of the menstrual cup. Not because of issues of virginity or of me putting thing "in there", but because she is so used to the idea of pads and tampons being the only options.
Under normal circumstances, I would find a way to tiptoe around letting her know about this, but the problem is, the only cup sold in stores near me is the DivaCup, and I've heard that one is a little bit for stiff/ firm, which doesn't sound pleasant in that delicate area of my anatomy. I was hoping to get a small Lunette... But that's only available by mail order for me... SO I'd have to get her to a) pay for it (though really, I COULD pay her back), b) let me use it, and c) be okay with the idea of a menstrual cup.

In short, how do I convince my mom that using a menstrual cup, and (hopefully) investing in one for me is a good idea?