April 16th, 2013

The barriers and Benefits of buying and using reusable menstrual cups - environmental focus

Hi, My name is Merrill Johnson and I am doing a project for my Fostering Sustainable Behavior class.

The project is to investigate a sustainable behavior that I want to promote like recycling, composting, riding the bus etc. Briefly, a sustainable behavior is one that would be good for the planet.
I chose to focus on promoting the use of reusable menstrual cups over the use of disposable menstrual products. The behavior I am trying to encourage is for women to purchase and use reusable menstrual cups.

I have completed a literature review, some observations and this is the survey component. Lastly I will develop a strategy where I have to describe how I will reduce the barriers that prevent women from purchasing and using reusable menstrual cups and increase the awareness of the benefits of using menstrual cups. I will also have to describe how I will increase the barriers to purchasing disposable products and reduce the benefits for using disposable products.

With the above in mind could you please take 2 minutes to answer the following 2 questions:

Question 1: What makes it difficult or challenging for you to purchase and use a reusable menstrual cup?

Question 2: What do you see as beneficial or rewarding about purchasing and using a reusable menstrual cup?

Whether you use or do not use reusable menstrual cups I would be very grateful for your answers. I have been asked to receive 10 responses from women participating in using reusable menstrual cups and 10 responses from those who do not.

I AM so GRATEFUL for your responses and would appreciate all any comments. Please do not feel confined in your answers you may talk about convenience environment social taboo, health, cost, ease, education, awareness, comfort, etc.
Please feel free to include any information outside of your answers to the questions that pertains to menstruation and menstrual products and the environmental effects

If you could please send me your responses I would greatly appreciate it. All responses will be anonymous in the reporting. I appreciate the time you have taken to help me with this project.

The one trick.... This is unfortunately due very soon.... I would appreciate you taking the time to reply to me as soon as you can. Thank you!!!

Kegels or wrong brand/size?

Hello all, I'm new here but have read a load of very informative posts already. I've just tried my first cycle with Diva Cup size 2. I know it takes a few cycles before really getting the hang of things, but the verdict's still out on whether this is the best cup for me. I'm 40 and have one child (have been a mom for 12 years). My first impression was that my flow was very heavy for the first few days and I had quite a bit of leakage. Clearly the cup still collected a LOT though. I did also have trouble with feeling like it was slipping down. I tried it inside out and it was better, but still slipped down quite a bit. Does this mean I need a shorter, wider based cup, and possibly with a firmer texture? I get that I could probably use some Kegels (told my husband this and he said he doesn't think I have a problem with that at all, just his TMI, insider opinion, heh heh), but in the meantime does this mean there is no appropriate cup for me?

Another specific activity I've had trouble with is singing. I sing in a band and when I really sing loud, my stomach and pelvic floor muscles push out and down. It makes the cup slip down, no matter what I do! This makes me really wish I had a different brand or size.

Also, if anyone has a link to info about getting to know your cervix location, that would be great. I have a feeling mine is low.

Thanks in advance!
  • matzwd

Sckoon cup not opening

I recently purchased a large Sckoon cup and love the appearance and softness. However, I cannot for the life of me get the darned thing to open when inserting. My first cup (2 months ago) was a large Lunette, and it puts a lot of pressure on my bladder, making me feel as if I have to go all the time and causing hesitancy, preventing me from tinkling at all while it's in for the last couple of days of my cycle.

I decided to find a softer cup and went for the new Sckoon. My cups tend to be worn really high, but as I said earlier, I can't get this one to open. My lumpy vaginal walls squish it flat, and if I manage to get some air inside it I then cannot get it to seal and it gradually pushes itself out. I should add that I am 42 and have had four children (1 c-section and 3 VBAC's), so it seems unlikely to me that it's too big.

I have also recently acquired a large and a small Ladycup. They both open fine and stay in. What I do notice is that large cups tend to migrate north, heading way up shortly after insertion. If I place them lower they stick out and are definitely far from comfortable. I can, however, wear the small Ladycup lower in the vagina, just above the pubic bone. I feel it, but it's not horribly uncomfortable, and it stays low rather than slipping upward.

Does anyone have any pointers for the Sckoon? I really want it to work for me. I cannot rotate it as it is flat when inside. If I allow it to open low, it gets squished again as I try to ease it upward. Could it be the holes? They are pretty big on the outside if the cup but are really tiny on the inside of the cup.

Femmycycle cups?

Hello cuppers!
I am not an entire noob, I know where my cervix is and I have looked at posts and comparison charts a thousand times. I really think the femmycycle is my cup for many reasons. But the main one is, it does not have to pop open. It sounds crazy to me, but so many people swear by it, it really works! The weird anatomy of my vagina (it is an odd U shape, so tampons have always leaked for me, through the ends of the U). So, popping open is not gonna work out. But, this cup does not need to be fully open to work!
But I have some questions....

1. Is it really medical grade silicone? I know that there has been a post about how Fleurcup might not be 100% medical grade silicone. If the femmycycle is not, I'd really like to know. Has anyone tested a femmycycle? and what were the results?

2. How long does this particular brand last? I know on their website it says only a year because it is made from extremely thin silicone. Is this true? If it only lasts a year, this will cost so much!

3. Any feedback for people who have tried it? I couldn't really find many reviews for it since it came out recently...

Thanks for any help you could provide!

Leaving a full cup in for... a while. And peeing devices.

I know, I know... I keep coming back and spamming the community. Sorry!
In a couple of weeks I'll be going on my D of E practice expedition. And I'm due on my period for those days. Eep.
What I'm hoping to do is wear my cup because I want at least SOME leak free time. However, we're on a tight schedule. I will be camping for 2 nights and when I wake up in the morning, I'm always quite 'tense' down there which makes removal a very long process if I want to do it comfortably. (20 minutes or so? I can do it in about 5 if I'm lucky, but I doubt it'll be like that first thing in the morning) So I may have to skip removal and leave a full cup in for a day, or possibly two. What I've always been told is that cups are safe because the blood comes out of contact with your body once it's in the cup, but that wouldn't be the case here, surely?

Another thing. We're not allowed too close to a town, road, or anything like that. So I doubt I'll see a toilet. I'm thinking about investing in one of those standing-lady-pee-things. (eg, GoGirl, Shewee) However, if you're standing up with a cup in and try to pee, will your cup affect that? I know that the vajayjay is a different hole but I'm just wondering if it could affect anything.

Sorry for writing so much. You're now fully up to date with everything going on in my head. :P