April 8th, 2013

Wolf O'Donnell yaps at you.

More Newbie Troubles

A month or so back I posted my rant on tampons and how I was so happy to have found this community and cups as a whole.  I steeled myself when my period came this last Friday, knowing full well that it might not be sunshine and roses my first time through.  I was prepared for a literal bloodbath.  I put in my MeLuna M on Friday afternoon before the floodgates had opened and went off to work that night, nervous and hoping everything would go wonderfully--and one nine and a half hour shift later, it did!  It was perfect and wonderful and everything I could've ever hoped for in a menstrual whatnot!  I emptied it, cleaned it as directed, and popped it back in for bedtime.

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As with my last post, this one was lengthy so thank you for reading and answering if you so choose to.  I appreciate all the support this community gives to any and everyone.  You're all so lovely~