April 2nd, 2013

are'nt those cups just great??? :)

Ok am posting for the first time so i hope this goes to the right place O_o

I have been meaning to write my success story for a while now...its only fair to do so after i have had such a great experience with cups and mainly due to the help i have been getting from this community..

I am from a south indian background and anything going up there other than ur husbands love wand is a big no no...well i couldnt care less and strted to use menstrual cups as a 23 yr old virgin. I had used tampons only for a couple of months before that, but it started concerning me how it left fluff inside u and things started to get dry and irritated down there on lighter days...so looking for altrnatives other than pads, i stumbled on menstrual cups :)

After a lot of reading in here and watching youtube videos i decided to buy a ladycup which i have been using successfully for over a yr now...sure i had a learning curve and it was awkward and frustrating in the beginning but it did get better from the first cycle...

Soon after i bought a lunette for more capacity but it didn work that well for me as its frosted texture made insertion harder...so i gave it to my aunt and she seems happy enough with it..
I recently bought a yuuki (all cups in small btw) and its just great!!! Although i dont love my ladycup ny less :P

I found that for my anatomy the C fold worked best for ladycup and the triangle fold for yuuki (with the fold opening down and away from your pubic bone)...lunette...well nothing worked there -_-

So a big thank you to all the ladies who offer their help in here and to those who are thinking of getting a menstrual cup...GO FOR IT! Just make sure u read up on size and chose wt may fit u best :)

And for those that are frustrated and ready to give up...HANG IN THERE! It DOES get better with time and practice or maybe a different cup if possible..

I never though i wudw say this but i even look fwd to my periods sometimes :D

Slippy Tippy Cup

I've used a menstrual cup for the last year and a half. The Diva cup was too long, so I bought a small lunette (I think...it might've been a lady cup, I can't remember, but I'm sure it's a lunette) which worked much better than the diva cup. It's still a tad long, and sits JUST inside of my labia. Nevertheless, it worked great --until the last few months.

The last few months it's just... made its presence known. Sometimes it feels like it slips down or tips over a little (it doesn't actually tip, though; when I check on it it is still at the proper angle, which for me is way to the right). This is especially problematic, because as I walk I can feel it, and it makes walking painful and awkward. It especially feels like it is going to slip out of my vagina when I sneeze or cough too hard, and also when I stand up after having sat for an hour or so (like, for a class.)

Is there anything I can do? I went on birth control recently (for cramps, not baby prevention), and my flow has decreased a lot, and also gotten thicker and clottier. Could it have to do with the fact that I'm bleeding less? But that doesn't make sense? Relp? I don't wanna go back to tampons, but at least with those I don't have to keep running to the bathroom every so often to shove it back up there...

Would a shorter, fatter cup help?

New menstrual cup recommendations?

So I've been using the smaller sized diva cup for about 1 1/2 years. I've had relative success and my vaginal health has really improved. However, I'm now wondering if there is a better cup out there for me.

I've tried nearly every fold I've seen out there and the C fold is the only one I can get to open fully, but it still seems like I have to wrestle with the cup to get it in and open. Here are some of the problems I'm having... While folded, the cup is a little to big for my vaginal opening so I have to wedge one side in and then the other (often pretty uncomfortable). Then once I've gotten the first little ridge just over my pubic bone I open it. Most of the time I have issues with getting it to pop open, to the point where I'll often have to take it out, rinse it and start over. If the "C" is just barley holding it's pretty easy to get it to pop open, but if the "C" is tight (which most of the time it is because that’s how it goes in easiest) I have to press the full length (of the cup and my finger both) of the convex side of the C to get the concave side to the rounded position. At this point, one of 2 things happen, either it expands fully when I remove my finger ("yay success!", it's a little celebration every time for me) OR I pushed a little too hard for a little too long and the cup pops over into the "C" position but facing the other direction. When the C in the cup is facing that way I can't manipulate it, as it's awkward for my right hand and my left hand isn't coordinated enough. So if I'm lucky I can spin it and try again, but sometimes I can't get it to spin so I have to take it out and start over (Ugh!). All in all it's a pretty frustrating experience for me and can be so time consuming and painful that I give up and go for a tampon (which I really don't like doing).

Now I've used lube to get it in but then it goes sooo high that even with bearing down and all that it's pretty hard to grab so I usually just go without the lube.

Also even without the lube, my cup slowly gets higher and higher throughout the day/night and especially if I'm active. With lots of practice, I've now got a science on how to get it out. Sometimes it gets a little difficult though because its so dang high or a little extra slippery.

So, with every period, my right wrist will start to crackle and is sore for at least a couple days because I spend so much time with it bent trying to manipulate the cup. I climb and guide rafts for a living so a repetitive use injury due to my menses will not due! haha

Anyway, to rap up my novel long question (sorry!)... I'm assuming I have a very long and narrow vagina and I know I have short stubby fingers and frail wrists. So what I'm looking for in a cup is one that folds very small, pops open easily, and rides low or is very long. Is there any cup anyone knows of that would fit my bill? If not, what are your best suggestions?

Lastly has anyone had experience with the FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup? That's what I'm looking a getting next.

Thanks for taking the time!

Used Cups

I am 14, and have recently started using cups. I like my small lunette selene, but have been looking for a higher capacity cup. Since I have a low cervix, I am currently opting for a large fleurcup. Since cups are relatively expensive, I was thinking of getting a used one from mc sales. Also, I would really love a green one, and the website doesn't have those anymore. However, I am just concerned about second hand cups. I mean, it's something that has been in someone else's vagina! Can anyone tell me about the safety pros/cons of a used cup? I'm pretty sure that my mom will be doubtful. Also, on another topic, how soft is the meluna soft in comparison to the large fleurcup?
Thanks for the help,

tilted cervix causing leak?

I have had my medium soft meluna for two years now and am just getting to use it; it arrived just as I found out I was pregnant. :P Anyway, it all seems to be going well, except for the slight leak. I've been poking around the group trying to find any tips. I have a few thoughts.

1) I just need practice, especially with differentiating between true leakage and residual goop.

2) I need a stiffer or possibly larger cup. I have had two kids vaginally, but I do not feel like my pelvic floor muscles are particularly weak and, thus, in need of a soft cup. I bought the soft originally because it seemed less daunting. I'm over that now.

I am currently trying different things, like which way the fold faces, different folds, etc. I have had no issues getting the cup to open, and it seems like it is sealed well. It pops open, I kegel it into place, I run my finger around it, and there are no dents to suggest it is not fully open. I remembered reading before about people having to angle their cup a certain way due to a tilted cervix, so today I checked and found out that my cervix is pointed toward the back. I'm not sure if that is just the normal tilt since the vagina is actually at an angle or if it is actually tilted. In any case, I tried positioning my cup toward the cervix, but it didn't work; there is no room to wiggle it that way. It will tilt (very easily) to the right or the left, but it's very sandwiched as far as front and back go.

Even with the frustrating "leak" right now, I have to say how awesome it is to not be in fear of what surprises standing up after sitting for a long time, or bending over might lead to!