March 27th, 2013

Poll - cup length

Can't make poll button work though. Can somebody else make a poll? Or we can just type answers. I've not tried every cup but judging from the cup I own, none of the cups I could buy would be long enough to easily reach it every time I'd need to. Am I alone? :(
a) all cups are a bit/lot too short
b) I am goldilocks
c) all cups are a bit/lot too long
d) there are cups which are a good length for me but there are other problems with said cups. I wish more cups had a variety of lengths.

Ps. Not part of the poll but just wondering, has anybody noticed different cups riding up less/more or is it always the same based upon your cervix? Just because I break the cup seal at the rim so even with a longer cup with an easily reachable stem I'd have to pull it down carefully to do that, pre-seal breaking. Would be much easier if it'd just sit lower.
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Success! ....sort of

first off a huge THANK YOU to everyone for their cup advice!! I got the cup in and opened up, thank you for the suggestion to widen the suction holes a bit!

I wore my cup for 3 hours last night before I wrangled it out before bed, then have worn it all morning so far at work. On my lunch I noticed it had leaked a tiny bit so I took it out, wanted to check and see if it had overflown or if it in fact WASN'T open like I'd thought. I think my issue was that it was a bit too low--and so it kept moving. At one point I moved and felt some very awkward air bubbles pop out, I'm gonna assume that was the source of my "leak". When I reinserted it I tried to push it up a little farther...should that help? Any other tips for getting the good seal, now that I've managed to get it in...and open twice?

....this is so exciting!

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Help! I'm new to LiveJournal and new to DivaCup!

I need help! I recently purchased a DivaCup Model 1 and cannot seem to figure it out. I have read post after post and do not know what I am doing wrong.

I am 23, I'm not a virgin, I've never had a child, I am 4' 9" tall and weigh 93 pounds. Although I am not a virgin I have a very tight vagina, the gynecologist has to use a small speculum (pretty sure that is the right word) instead of the regular. Just to give perspective getting two fingers in is a tight squeeze.

Inserting the DivaCup hurts, I have tried many different folds and all of them hurt. Not only does it hurt to insert but removing hurts just as much if not worse! I tried to get it right for 30 minutes this morning and was so sore and felt so sick I gave up. I have managed to get it in but when I go I cannot for the life of me turn it whatsoever. It doesn't move once it is in. I have to use so much strength just to insert and remove that I am exhausted. What hurts the most is it hitting against my other hole (whatever it is called that you pee out of) when inserting and removing.

I have yet to try wearing it for more than a few minutes since I cannot get it in correctly. I have heard to find your cervix and read up on it, I must have short fingers because I cannot find my cervix.

Any help would be much appreciated! I don't want to give up, but I also don't want to hurt myself trying to use this. I have heard you can't be too small, so I'm guessing I'm not.

UPDATE: I tried this morning by laying down, I didn't rush, and I got it in!!! Thank you so much for all the help! I hope taking it out goes as smoothly this evening. Tomorrow is going to be my first actual day that isn't just spotting and usually one of my heaviest, so it's doubtful I will be able to do it the way I did today without making a hopefully it goes well. Thanks again!