March 25th, 2013

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post-TSS cup use

I am currently recovering from Toxic Shock Syndrome. (Yes, it really happens. Yes, it was caused by a tampon. Turns out you can get TSS from a brand new tampon, no need to wait 8 hours!) I need to get a menstrual cup within the next week or so, and the TSS means that I have more concerns than most people. I realize that I'm rushing into this all kind of short notice, apologies.

I have been meaning to switch to menstrual cups for years but never got around to it, which I now obviously deeply regret. It's now officially time to switch to cups, as tampons are now strictly forbidden and I abhor everything about pads. As such, I need to have the right cup before my next cycle, and won't have any other options should I have chosen the wrong one. After much research, I am currently leaning toward a small Lunette Selene, primarily because I believe I have a low cervix and I like pretty colors.

While I am worried about the fit, my main concern is my health. TSS has a very high rate of recurrence and I would like to avoid another trip to the ICU if at all possible. So what I'm looking for is:

  • any anecdotal evidence about Lunette/other brands & health (tendency toward infections, difficulty cleaning a particular style, a cup that chafed, et cetera) that might indicate that a certain kind of cup is less safe for a TSS survivor (for instance, I am extremely wary of hollow-stemmed cups)

  • advice for hyper-vigilant cleanliness when using cups (storage in particular--those bags are cute, but they don't seem safe for me) as what is clean enough for most people is probably not clean enough for my body

  • thoughts on wearing medical gloves while handling and using a cup (the skin on my hands is peeling severely as a result of the TSS) and whether that might make things more difficult

  • any other advice you think of that I haven't had the foresight to request

  • and finally, if anyone here also happens to be a TSS survivor (or has a compromised immune system that requires a similar level of paranoia) your input would be especially appreciated

I got the impression that none of my doctors had ever seen a TSS case before (though I do know they were consulting with the national expert on it) and they could give me very little advice beyond agreeing with me that menstrual cups were a good idea but that I should still be on a constant watch for recurrence symptoms, and be extremely careful with my cup. So this is me, being careful and crowdsourcing information to create a regimen for myself. I know there is inevitably some risk even with cup use, but hopefully with your help I can avoid becoming the first documented case of cup-related TSS. Nobody wants that.

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Happy cup rant.

After everything I have gone through in the last week with my cup, with nearly losing my boyfriend, and dealing with drama from a nonprofit organization I volunteer for... I finally have one good thing to be happy for.

I have had really horrible anxiety for the past year and I hate psych doctors. I've basically been on a mission to get better by myself but last weekend was eye-opening as to that I really wasn't doing enough for myself. So last week I worked really hard (on top of the fact I had the unfortunate case of being 'yuck' last week) at keeping my head up and kicking my anxiety.

I haven't felt I've had much of a sex drive for months now, mainly due to my anxiety. It's really caused a strain on my relationship. But yesterday, after finally being able to feel a somewhat bit of normality back in my life on top of my work from the previous week of trying to find ways to avoid my anxiety, I was able to finally have sex, no anxieties involved. Yay!

And the reason I'm posting here is well, because I said that I happened to be in an "unfortunate" state. I had my Jasmine cup in and I was hoping SO HARD that what everyone has said about having sex with a cup in would work for me. Sure enough, it did!!!! (and that's my longest cup! Guess I really do have a really long cervix!) He said it felt a little different, but he couldn't tell I had it in (me either!). He's like, "so that was in the whole time?" And I was like Yes! How crazy! Look! Benefit! Now you don't have to find them as weird since we can do stuff with them now! :) I told him he should tell all his friends how it's a godsend (so they would get their girlfriends to use them), but we both agreed that was more a "ha! yeah right!" moment.

So far no repercussions from it to speak of, and I'm not expecting any either.

So, I just wanted to post a happy post for all the crap I have dealt with this week. Yay for kicking anxiety's butt some this week! But mostly, yay to my cup letting me have some private time with my love! :)

Sex with cups is totally doable!

Cup Insertion Tips

Hey guys! I've had my moon cup for a good five months now and decided to have a go with it for the first time today. I'm sick of pads, hate tampons and I have lots of dance comps/shows coming up in summer which I need to be prepared for.

I'm 16, and a virgin and I have this massive fear of it hurting when it pops open. I can fit the cup in with the 7 fold but haven't gotten over the 'letting it go' obstacle yet.

Also when I'm pushing it in, I find that if I stop pushing it stars to slide out?

Any advice for insertion would be fab.

Thank you :-)