March 19th, 2013

Low Cervix Cup Suggestions

I am a virgin of 14, and have been using a small lunette selene for a few cycles. I’ve only had my period since June 2012, and it’s been sporadic and unpredictable for the most part. I knew I had to find an alternative after having a total horror experience with pads on my second (and 14 day long) period. Lets just say that riding 500 miles in one week across Iowa in 115 degree heat on your period with pads isn’t very much fun. And no swimming. Anyway, I have found my cervix to be quite low, and have trimmed my stem completely off. Still, my cup is at the entrance to my vagina. Luckily it is just far enough in that I can’t feel it too much. I like the lunette, but on my two heavy days and nights, it only lasts for 5 or so hours, which means I can’t sleep in it, or wear it to school without emptying it. I would love to someday get a bigger cup, but I am not sure what to get. When wearing my cup, I can push it up one or two centimeters without discomfort, but it always travels down immediately. Does this mean that a longer cup would travel down too, or would the shape keep it up there? I certainly don’t want anything sticking out more that it is already. Also, would a bell-bottomed cup be better, since my cervix might take up some room in my cup? I don’t want anything stiffer than my lunette, because it causes some pressure occasionally, so preferably a softer cup. I have been thinking about possibly a si-bell, fleurcup, a sckoon cup (even though those are pretty new), or anything you think would work with an increased capacity. I don’t know if a large on any of those would work for me, however, because of the length. I am definitely worried about length on a bigger cup. Insertion hasn’t been too much of an issue, but removal has been more tricky. I’m thinking a soft cup would help with that. I also love the grip rings on the lunette, so would love a cup with grip bumps or lines. What do you suggest? Any thoughts on my length dilemma? Also, how do you convince a mom who just bought you a cup to buy another one so soon? Thank you so much.

Soap for hands (and stem trimming questions)

Hey everyone!

I'm preparing for my second period using the cup and I'd like to clear some things up.

I read a lot of posts about what soaps to use on your cup (if any) but nothing about what soap to use on your hands. My first round with the cup I used a seventh generation dish soap (unscented) on my hands the problem is that it take forever to wash completely out. I have unscented castile soap but it leaves film behind in my sink so I'm reluctant to use it on my hands before insertion. Also most soaps have glycerin in it, which I've read isn't very good. Although I used to use lube with glycerin for tampons and it never bothered me, since I've read more about this it's starting to worry me a lot. Am I just over-thinking this?

Any brand suggestions of soap (for HANDS, not the cup) would be very helpful. :)

I am thinking about buying "Method Hand Wash" with these ingredients: Water, Sodium Sulfate, Betaine, Glycerin, Aloe, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate.

Again I might just be over-thinking this?

Secondly, I think I need to trim the stem on my cup (small lunette). It sticks out a little after I insert it as far as I can, but after walking around for a while or sleeping it rides up just a little so that the stem is a millimeter or so inside. But if I pee, the stem will come back down (and eventually ride up again with time). In the post-pee position it's easy to pinch the base. Having the stem stick out doesn't hurt, but it is a little irritating if I sit a certain way before it rides up. I didn't have any problems reaching/removing the cup but I'm still scared to trim the stem as I've only had one period with it. BTW, I want to trim the stem up to the last ridge leaving just a little nub to feel if I need it. Should I leave it alone for a few more cycles?

Also I'm worried about the trimmed stem irritating the inside of my vagina instead of the outside.

Sorry if this is a stupid post. I tend to over-think most decisions, especially if I'm new to something.