March 15th, 2013

  • kirla

Need Help Selecting First Cup

Hi everyone! I just found this forum today and have spent hours reading through posts-- I love the sense of community and helpfulness here! I hope you all might be some help to me as I'm choosing a cup.

I have never used a cup before. This will be my very first experience, so while I am looking through other users' posts about their experiences with certain brands, it seems that these tend to be posted after a buying decision has been made.

Things that might be helpful to know:

  • I am 26, not a virgin, and have never given birth

  • My regular cycle tends to last about 5-6 days, 3 of which are heavy, 2 medium, and sometimes 1 with spotting

  • My cervix sits quite high during my period

  • I have used tampons since I was 14, so insertion is nothing new

All of this said, I have some preferential information as well-- obviously the lower the price the better, but not at the cost of poor quality, and... aesthetically, I suppose it would be nice to have a colored cup.

I've looked at the Diva Cup, Lunette, Mooncup, Fleurcup, and Meluna. But being so "newbish" to all of this, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I'm assuming I'm just going to have to test the waters, so to speak, but I'd love some guidance if possible :)

Femmecup closing after insertion

I have been using a small Yuuki for about three years and loving it (old "soft" style). I decided to treat myself to another cup because my Yuuki is looking a bit haggered and I figured I had saved far more than the cost of a cup since I stopped using disposables. I was looking for a cup with a narrower body that would put the least amount of pressure possible on my bladder at night. I sleep on my stomach so even my Yuuki, which I don't notice during the day, adds pressure at night.

The first thing I noticed about the femmecup was that the body was extremely soft. Much softer than my Yuuki, which I had thought was on the softer end of the scale to begin with. I have tried a few dry runs and finally a "wet run" when my period started today. I have the same problem every time.  I can get it open with only the rim inside but moving it up is very difficult. The body is too soft to push from the bottom. The only way for me to push it up is by putting both my thumb and index finger on either side of the rim and sliding it up like a sock on my cervix. The problem is that after all of this it makes a charming squelching noise and all of the air comes out leaving it deflated around my cervix. At this point I have to wrestle it off and either try again or go back to old faithful (Yuuki),

I have read the soft cups FAQs and tried different folds, hole placements and vag wall pushing. Getting it open isn't the problem, the problem is getting it to stay open during the trip into my vagina.

So is there anything else I should try? I was spoiled with a very quick learning curve with my first cup and I guess it's catching up with me. I know I could always just buy another Yuuki, but the collector in me wants to get something new! 

Cotton/floss and longer cups

Hi so I have heard of people tying floss to the ring of a MeLuna to help remove it. Also MeLuna sell this cotton thread but the shipping is insane if you're just buying that alone. :(
And I don't know what to look for safety-wise if I were try and buy regular cotton thread here in the UK. Maybe I should try floss (if there is a non-mint variety), idk what would be comfiest/most hygienic but MeLuna themselves don't mention using floss.

It would be nice not to have a string but small lunettes (what I have now) are actually one of the longest cups (including their stem) and I find them too short. :( It is a shame that the only cups with a ring to tie to are the melunas which are quite wide sadly.

They have the biggest variety in their makes and extra short cups so I emailed asking if they'd thought of extra long cups and they replied saying they didn't think it was a thing which was really in demand. I'd be interested to know if there are other people like me who would like longer cups, or easier to get thread, or more cups with rings etc. You know because I get the feeling some cup companies do pay attention and maybe if there is a demand then they'd make one. But perhaps it is just meeee. :(

-your thoughts on using floss/string with a cup, and where to get this cheaply in the UK which is safe for use
-is there a demand for longer cups or not really?