March 13th, 2013

Mooncup UK/ pain during intercourse without it

Hello everyone,
This is my first post here but I've been reading around for months before I decided to buy a mooncup UK.
I am a 23 year old who is not a virgin.

I had two practice dry runs before my period started and those went fine. Then when my period started everything seemed to be going okay, I wore panty liners just in case of small leaking - which did happen. My periods are only around 3 days long because I am on birth control, so on the second day I was out shopping around and needed to go to the bathroom so of course I took out the cup, only to not have enough room in the stall to apparently put it back in comfortably and the stem (which i had shortened) was out and irritating me. So when I got home I trimmed the stem more and that seemed to be better.

Fast forward to yesterday, my period is over and I just started a new pill meaning if i'm having sex we're wearing condoms the first week.
Everything was going okay until we moved positions and i had the worst pain on my cervix, now, I already have a low cervix and sometimes there is slight discomfort so we change positions again but this time it was extremely painful. It felt like someone had stuck a pen in there and was digging at it, and we had to stop.

Could it be my cup was not taken out properly by me? Or that there may be a tear or scratch from the stem?

I really like the option of using a cup but I don't understand why sex is so painful now?

please help me understand. thank you.

Debating Larger Cup

Hello All,
I'm another lurker on the community. From the posts already written, I decided to buy a small Lunette Selene and a small Yuuki a couple of months ago. I have been alternating between them. I love cups!

However, I think I need a slightly longer cup. From what I've read on here, I think that my cup is riding up, and my cervix is sitting in it and decreasing the capacity. I definitely want a cup with larger capacity. I'm not quite sure how much longer of a cup I need. Right now, my Lunette rides up so that the base of the cup is about 1 cm from the entrance of my vagina.
I'm a virgin and under 25, which is the common threshold to be over for larger cups.
I do know that I want a softer cup. I'm looking at either a Large CupLee, a Large Fleurcup, a Naturcup, a Rubycup, or a large MeLuna soft but I will take any suggestions. I'm kind of confused about what to get. I'm overwhelmed by all the choices, but at the same time glad that there are so many to choose from.
I know that I need more info to give you guys, but I can't think of what else to put. I will definitely answer any questions.


After nearly 5 years of solid service, my large LadyCup has started to wear out (small tears at the holes) - so I popped in here last week  to see what's new in the world of cups.

I had been toying with the idea of a stemless or ball-base MeLuna, but I was probably just going to end up with another LadyCup -  the luscious purple of "Summer Plum" had been calling my name...
I read a post on here mentioning SckoonCup and googled it.
No purple, but there were some nice color choices and I was happy to see another US company getting on board with cups.
I decided to go for it!
On March 4th, I placed an order for a size 2 (large) "Meditation", and it arrived in my mail box on March 11th!

Despite the flimsy mailer it arrived in, the cup and box were intact.

The cup is a very pretty peacock blue with a very flexible stem.
The squish factor is more or less equal to the LadyCup, although the LadyCup seems to have more resistance just below the rim.
Based on appearances, I expected the capacity to be less than the LadyCup, however the holes are higher on the rim, and my very unscientific "water dump" method showed the capacity to be similar.  The SckoonCup diameter is 45mm vs. the LadyCup's 46mm.  Length is comparable.
There is a slight "new plastic" smell to the cup - I will clean it with baking soda and set it out in the sun to see if I can get that to dissipate.

I used the same fold (punchdown?) to insert it as I use for my LadyCup and found the SckoonCup more challenging to pop open - I think this is where the band of resistance below the LadyCup rim comes in handy.
I may need to experiment with other folds, although the fact that I am not currently on my period may be causing my cervix to be in a less cooperative position, so I will try my regular fold again when my period starts in a few weeks.

Once in, the SckoonCup was relatively comfortable, even with the stem untrimmed.  I usually wear my LadyCup inside out, so I decided to trim the SckoonCup stem and flipped it inside out - I found it easier to insert and it was more comfortable for me with the raised design flipped in.

I noticed in the instructions that SckoonCup recommends replacing your cup every 2 years.  When I first got a menstrual cup, I was under the impression that with proper care, a cup would last for up to 10 years.  I know Diva has been recommending replacement 1x/year.  I found this when I searched for "how long will my cup last?"  I am fairly pleased with the 5 years I've gotten out of my LadyCup and I expect my new SckoonCup will hold up just as well.
The SckoonCup holes are part of the molded design rather than punched out post-mold, so I am hoping they hold up better than the LadyCup's holes in the long run.

Additional info:
I have had an IUD in place for 6 years.  I have a moderate flow ( two heavy days in the middle).  My LadyCup always leaks upon rising in the morning on the day of my heaviest flow.  My cervix sits in the cup, so the cup essentially fits me like a cervical cap - I frequently have sex with my cup in on my lighter flow days, which is another bonus for being able to flip the cup inside out to have a smooth outer edge.

SckoonCup currently has an offer for $3 off, which helps offset the shipping.  I ordered directly from the site, but yesterday I noticed that both the SckoonCup and the LadyCup are available on Amazon.

I am excited to finally have a colored cup!
I will use it on my next period and will give an update if I discover anything of note to say.

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