March 9th, 2013


Need to change from small mooncup to a bigger cup... but which one?

Hi all! I've been using a small mooncup uk on and off for the past year or so and I love not having to wear pads anymore. The problem is I think it's too small for me, as my period is quite heavy and every month, in the days of heavy flow, my cup starts leaking after just 2-3 hours (and at night too), but I don't always have the chance to empty it so frequently and I end up wearing a pad together with it to avoid stains. I reached the conclusion it would be best to try a bigger cup, maybe a bit softer as I feel my cup is a bit stiff, especially the rim, during removal and the stem too (I cut most of it off, but sometimes I can feel it). I think both the capacity and the diameter of my cup are too small, as I feel it doesn't adhere so well to my internal wall. I am 31 years old btw.
Surfing around the community I'm inclined for a Meluna size L, it seems bigger than my mooncup and also softer? Also which stem is better? Anyone more experienced than me can give me some advice on which cup would be best?
I hope it's okay to post my questions here, I've been surfing around the net and comparing cups for weeks, but I'm still not sure which cup to pick!

Low Cervix and Heavy Flow

I finally decide to go for it and try a cup about 2 months ago. I am 36 and have one child. I also have a very heavy flow for 1-2 days of the month. I went with the large size Lunette. I have encountered a few issues and hope to find help here.
1) It seems like I am leaking on my heaviest days, after only an hour or two. When I take the cup out it is only half full. I am thinking that my cervix is low and filling the cup. Is there a cup that will work better than the Lunette for this?
2) It seems like the tab of the cup is rubbing and I get a bit sore.

I assume I needed a larger cup such as the lunette for heavy flow. I am not sure which cup or cups would be the best to try next, maybe I need one for heavy days and another for the lighter days?

Thanks so much!