February 26th, 2013

Still experiencing painful removal

Hey everyone! I am 16, (17 in a month!) anyways, I've been using my Divacup (size 1) for about a year and I use it just about every month. What always seems to happen though is that after a few days it becomes slightly painful to remove. It actually tears a little skin on the inside of my vagina. It's not my hymen though, You know how you can kind of grab that thin layer of skin just a little inside the vagina. It's more towards your anus, rather than the clitoris. It's skin on top, but that pink kind of vaginaey flesh on the inside. (Sorry about my very specific description) It's the flesh they would cut if you were having an episiotomy, here is a cartoon picture of that flesh:


Where it says "midline episiotomy" is where it tears and it tears on the inside. It's like an extremely reduced version of the problem many women have when they have birth sometimes: that tearing on the inside of that flesh. I use lubricant, but it is still a problem. I remove it by squeezing the base and pulling it out. The cup coming out doesn't hurt that bad, it's more just having to reach and grab it. I remove it with relaxed muscles, but then it's harder to reach so I have to reach more which hurts. If I push it out with my muscles while grabbing and pulling it out it helps but it still hurts. Is this problem something I'm just going to have to deal with, or is there a solution?
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Proud Newbie!

I'm a 28 year old virgin on month two of my cup, and I'm loving it! I was very squeamish about the idea of the mess, but it hasn't been bad at all. I chose a MeLuna soft cup, size medium with a ring, because I thought that a ring might make removal easier. I did a couple dry runs before my first "official" use, and it was horrible. So painful, and I was never able to get it inserted. So when I tried it on day one of my cycle last month, I wasn't very hopeful. It took about a half hour, and experimenting with multiple folds, but I got it in. I found that the origami fold was the only one that worked for me (plus lube!). I had read that soft cups can have trouble popping open, but with the origami fold it has opened without any finagling or leakage every time. Removal was another story, though. For the first four days or so, holy crap was that painful. I was bearing down/pulling it straight out. Bad idea! After reading up on some tips, I found that pinching the end, eventually forming a c-fold made for much easier removal. And the pain when it finally pops out was completely alleviated by angling one side out first before the other. I'm on day two of my second cycle using the cup, and I can't even tell it's in anymore. Adios tampons and pads!
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Cervix Irritation - diagnosed initially as HPV

Hi all,
I am new here, so if this topic is discussed and I missed it during my search, please steer me in the right direction. I went to have an IUD put in by my obgyn and she ended up doing biopsies for what she was fairly certain was HPV. She didn't put the IUD in at that time because my cervix was horribly irritated and bleeding at minimal touch. She ran tests and they all came back negative for HPV and my Pap was regular. So, we began trying to figure out what could be irritating my cervix to the point of lesions and bleeding. The only item that frequents those parts these days is my Diva Cup. I have used this brand since 2006 and have never had problems. The thought of switching back to tampons was almost as bad (if not worse) as having HPV.

Has anyone experienced similar diagnosis, or irritations. Have you found anything that has allowed your cervix to heal and still use a cup? I really dread using tampons after such a long run without them, and can't honestly imagine they irritate less, but am willing to give it a shot if thats what the doc orders.

Thanks for your help in advance!