February 21st, 2013


Mooncup moves while sleeping

I love my Mooncup UK (size B), but I have a slightly annoying issue with it. Normally my cup sits nice and low and easy to get at in my vagina, but without fail when I sleep it scoots up to sit right by my cervix, which makes it difficult to reach. Sometimes I get leaks first thing in the morning and I suspect it's the fact that the Mooncup has repositioned itself that causes that to happen, along with the fact that my flow is much heavier first thing in the morning than later in the day. (It doesn't leak while I'm actually sleeping - only when I get out of bed).

Why does it move? I've noticed it does the same upwards motion if I orgasm while wearing it (although it generally doesn't leak), but I'm certainly not aware of climaxing while I'm sleeping. My dreams are usually fairly bland and not particularly sexy. Am I having much more exciting nights than I realize??

Anyone have any words of wisdom on this issue? I'm fairly sure I'm inserting the cup right before I go to bed (I insert it the way I usually do, which never leads to leaks during the day). Why is my body sabotaging my good positioning?
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New user--Some questions...

(I know this post is long; I'm new to LJ, and I'm trying to use the cut as suggested. If it doesn't work, my apologies! >.<)

Hello, everyone! I would like to start by saying that it is through this community, which I found by a period-related Google search, that first introduced me to menstrual cups, and all the positive experiences convinced me to give them a try, myself! So thank you all for being so friendly and helpful; you have me the incentive to try something better. :)

Now, I have received my first cup and I started using it at the beginning of my current cycle. I did manage to insert the cup and try it out a bit beforehand, and I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get in. So far I've been very happy with it overall (definitely better that changing a super plus tampon every three to four hours!), but I do have some questions about it. I have looked through many posts, but couldn't find quite what I needed. I'm actually a bit overwhelmed, attempting to assess all these factors and things by myself; I admit I am not as familiar with my body as I should be, but I'm willing to learn. I could just use some starting pointers...

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New, and looking for some experienced second opinions!

Hi folks! I'm new to using a cup- 23, virgin, usually I have a couple very heavy days and the start of my flow and then it trails off. I also have a pretty irregular period, so sometimes I'm dealing with it two weeks out of the month, which is why I'm switching to cups.(This also means that the intensity of my flow varies quite a bit.) I've been reading the entries in this community, but I wanted to get some direct advice for a couple decisions.

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Thanks for taking the time to help a newbie out!