February 12th, 2013

  • jbethe

Review of First Time User

Hi All, I thought I'd post about my experiences of using a Diva Cup for the first time.

I came across menstrual cups (ie specifically Diva Cups) in someone's blog and I was amazed and fascinated. This seemed a wonderful idea! An option that wasn't disposable, no pads and best of all was like a tampon without the risk factor! I was sold immediately and ordered a Diva Cup.
Then I started reading all I could about menstrual cups on the internet.......and started having doubts...
It seemed that the Diva Cup was said to be one of the larger, stiffer cups etc etc and then there were all these reviews from people having extreme difficulty with insertion, leaks etc. Of course there were all the good reviews which I eagerly read but it did seem like there was a steep learning curve with everyone cautioning that "it took a few cycles to get the hang of it".
I was starting to feel worried, especially as I'm a virgin and I had no idea how on earth I was going to fit this huge (it looked so big in the pictures!) stiff looking silicon thing in me.
I started stretching up my hymen in preparation but it didn't seem to stretch very far and I was starting to get nervous about using the cup even though I was looking forward to it, think perhaps that it might take months to actually fit it in. I gave very little thought to the leaking issues everyone else seemed to be having because for me (or so I thought) it was going to be about actually getting it in!!
Then the Diva Cup arrived. I was astonished at the small package size and when I opened it I was even more surprised at the small size of the cup. I was expecting something much bigger. I began to think that there was hope.
Now I had loads of lubricant prepared and simply slathered myself and the cup with it. (It arrived in the middle of my period, so I could use it straight away). Then using the origami fold (having read it was a good fold) I shoved it in and to my astonishment, it just popped in! Well, that was my major fear eliminated! The next step was trying to turn it, get it to pop open and very soon, even though I thought I had inserted it correctly, I started leaking.....
Arrg...another problem!
So it took about 3 tries of manipulating to get it right. I discovered that for me the cup has to be half in to be able to turn it and by turning it, it opens correctly and at last I living the menstrual cup dream!!!! I also found that I was pushing it in to far (I must have a high cervix) and by it sitting low, goodbye leaks!! :)
The only cons that I can think of is that there is more discomfort with removal than putting in and I think the cup must press against my bladder cos I have the urge to go more frequently than normal.
Otherwise, the menstrual cup is the best thing ever invented!!!!