January 31st, 2013


Diva Cup leaking

Hello everyone! I have a Diva Cup, size 1, and I've had it for a couple of years now. When I first got it, I never had any issues with it leaking. Over the past year or so, however, I've noticed that it will occasionally leak, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. I always check the suction and placement, and there never seems to be any issue, but lo and behold, once or twice during my period, I'll find a damp, red/pink spot on my underwear from it leaking. During those times, the cup doesn't feel any different inside me; it almost feels as if I'm leaking from the walls of my vagina, rather than my cervix (which is probably due to blood slowly trickling down from wherever/however it's leaking out of my cup). I checked the tags on this, and it seems there could be a few possibilities, but I wanted to get some thoughts:

I do stretch out the holes when I clean my cup, because otherwise they will not unclog. I'm wondering if this has caused or led to the cup leaking.

I've become sexually active since purchasing my cup, which has more than likely caused changes in my vagina's topography, which could lead to how the cup sits in there (though when I first became active, the leaking wasn't an issue).

I've had sex multiple times with the cup in which may have somehow ... changed it? I don't even know.

What are some suggestions for fixing this problem? Should I just switch to a new cup? I have sort of been wanting to get a new one anyway, just because I can, but I also don't mind saving money if there's a free fix for this. Thanks so much in advance. :D

Cramping during use?

Hey everyone!

I bought a Lunette size 1, then snagged a small Fleurcup when they were on sale a few weeks ago - haven't tried that one out yet. But - I have no problem getting the Lunette to open but right now I am getting some lower cramping when my cup is in. I have an IUD but strings are short - not worried about it expelling I'm on my 3rd period with the IUD so all is well there. Is the cup bumping my cervix? Do I need it lower? I can get it up there pretty far, get it out fine? But I think if its up too high - I could be bumping my cervix and that's causing the cramps? I'm not cramping when I use tampons. But I just started cramping when I put my cup in this afternoon at work - hadn't planned on having to but I bled through a super tampon and all over myself unexpectedly. (This Paragard IUD has caught me off guard with the amount of blood in general and the amount of blood without clots - it's like I'm giving blood!)

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Tell your introduction to cups story!

I'm sure this has been posted before, but new compilations are always fun to read.  :)  How/when did you learn about them?  What were your initial thoughts/reactions?  How many friends/family members/etc have you tried to/successfully turned on to cups?

I can't really remember where I first heard about them, but it was in the last several years.  I had always used tampons with mostly satisfaction.  Hearing about cups didn't immediately pique my interest, but I wasn't completely turned off to the idea.  Cut to the fall of 2011, when a tampon I flushed in my new apartment ended up clogging the septic system.  Oops.  So I googled cups, and bought a Divacup just because it was the easiest to get my hands onto.  It wasn't exactly right for me, but was OK for the few months before I finally bought a Fleurcup (= perfect!).

I've specifically talked to two of my friends about them, though one of them has a Mirena IUD and gets no period.  The second friend had never heard of them and was pretty put off by the idea.  Sigh.  I actually don't have all that many friends to really talk to about them, lol.  A few weeks ago I told a friend whom I've gotten closer with lately about them, and she was totally willing to try one.  She said she had seen an info booth about them several years ago at a state fair, but had never gotten around to buying & trying one.  I gave her an extra Fleurcup I ordered in their winter sale, and she loves it!!  :D  She's also going to tell her two sisters about them.  So I'm hopeful for two more success stories there.  It's fun to (successfully) spread the good word. 

So, share your success stories!!  :)