January 28th, 2013

A poll for low cervix cup users...

Poll #1893013 A poll for low cervix cup users...

I have a low cervix (less than 5cm) and I use....

A large wide cup such as large fleurcup
A small cup such as lunette, ladycup, meluna
A Meluna mini
I can use most cups without a problem
I don't have a low cervix I just wanted to take the poll
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Continuous Use and Cleaning

Hi all.

So, how often do you continuous users clean your cup? I rinse mine after every dump, but I realized I should probably wash it, and wondered how often you wash yours.

In other news, I love cups, but am really annoyed I have to wear it all the time. Gr! But, I'm WAY better off than before I discovered cups. I can't imagine dealing with this situation with tampons and/or pads.
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(PS- can we add the tag "pressure"?)
I read the rules and checked the tabs and although one recent post was somewhat similar, I thought it'd be better to ask.

I'm nearly 28 and although I'm not a virgin I rarely have intercourse and have not had children. I've been using my DivaCup for 2 years. I also have irregular periods, and VERY severe cramping for the first day even though the blood flow is normal or light.

Because of the irregular periods, I don't get to use my DivaCup (smaller size) every month, so when I do use it it sometimes hurts like it's "the first time". But, inserting/removing is not the problem, I get used to it after the second day.

The problem is the pressure, and there are two kinds of it that I experience and the last two months I just decided to heck with it and used pads!

There is both a pressing feeling around my vaginal wall, like pushing against my bladder even and making me feel "full", and also sometimes an awkward pulling sensation on my cervix, like depending on how I'm sitting, if I'm "bearing down" or "bearing up" (kegels) just from standing or whatever, or sometimes just after I insert it, and walk out of the bathroom, it feels like I didn't get the suction right. I mean, the suction is most definitely working but it's pulling or pushing on my cervix and causing this awkward pain.

The awkward pain is enough for me to actually go and reinsert it (clean it out, reinsert it, opening hurting even more...) but the pressure against the wall of my vagina... it's pretty irritating. And the pressure on the sides, has made my bad cramping worse and...

**Actually the last two menstrual cycles, I put the cup in when I could tell I was about to get my period, but then it delayed! I felt like maybe my uterus wasn't able to contract properly to release the blood/tissue because of the involuntary muscles(?) holding onto the cup! When I took it out, my period happened like normal.

And if I've already taken it out and my period STARTS, I really can't put it back in because the cramping is so bad, that in combination with the various pressure pains, it's just very uncomfortable.

This really sucks because other than this annoying pressure, I *LOVE* the DivaCup. No leaks, don't have to worry about it all day, no blood on my pubic hair, no pads bunching up.. And omg, riding a bike with a pad is so disgusting, and my bike is my main mode of transportation!

(In addition, it seems to come out a little when I go to the bathroom and not take it out, but it usually goes back into place... except the last few months I haven't even really used it much)