January 27th, 2013

Lost my cup, thinking about trying a different kind this time?

I lost my DivaCup! I'm not that upset because I had it for about a year but I'm not so sure if I should go straight for the Diva again.

Every period, my first couple of nights, I was SUPER prone to leaking. My cervix moves down and I'm pretty sure it takes up space in the cup, especially because if I feel it about to leak and change it, it's only a little over halfway full. I had heard that I should try flipping it inside out to shorten it but I never really had the chance to try that.

I'm thinking maybe I should try one that is shorter with a larger capacity. Does anyone have any suggestions? And if you do, could you also leave a suggestion of the cheapest place to buy/order one? Thank youuu!

Under 30, never given birth, but I think I need a large fleurcup?

I was using a DivaCup previously, which I lost recently. I had leaking problems pretty much every first couple of nights with the Diva, every cycle, which I think is because my cervix lowers and sits in the cup. It would also cause it to be able to hold less. So I would like to try something shorter and wider. Someone suggested a large fleurcup but I'm apparently not qualified to use it because I'm under 30 and haven't given birth.

Is it possible that I could need a large anyway?

I would love some fleurcup testimonials if anyone has any.

Looking for suggestions

I was wondering if someone could help steer me in the right directions as to which cup I should get.
-I am 29 almost 30 and have had 2 vaginal births.
-I'm not terribly worried about capacity. I would say my flow is medium on the first day then moderate to slightly heavy for two more and pretty light for the rest so something like a mini meluna I don't think would hold up too well for those heavyish days.
-my cervix(during my period) is pretty low -about 4-4.5 cm and I think may be slightly dangly. It is also off centered quite a bit to the left so there is a good amount of space all around except for on the left side. I'm not sure if I should be looking for something wide that's a little longer or something shorter. Also I need something fairly squishy as I am very sensitive.
TIA for input and suggestions :D