January 22nd, 2013

Jasmine Cup

I recently got a mysterious Jasmine Cup and thought I'd post some photos and details about it. First, though, I have to say that I had a terrible swapping experience with the only person I know who resells Jasmine Cups (user Jolly Lemon, who posts on MC Sales) and strongly recommend against buying from or swapping with her. She sent it in a flat rate Express Mail padded envelope (postage $18.95), but only paid media mail postage on it, so when it arrived, the post office demanded that I pay the balance  ($16) before releasing the parcel to me. She offered to refund me half, then said she had no money to pay even that, so now I am wrangling with the post office to get a refund.

Anyway, the Jasmine Cup comes in a green box with a...hibiscus on it. It claims to be made in Canada, although the information on the sheet inside is in French and the company seems to be based in France. The website listed on the sheet (jasminecup.com) does not work. From what I can tell, the Jasmine Cup is a near-exact copy of the Diva except with a long, flat, Lunette-style stem. I got a size one, which is the smaller size. The measurements on the box are totally off, but I measured it at 42mm wide and about 80mm long, making it slightly narrower than the Diva (44mm by 69mm) and more than 10mm longer. (The Jasmine stem is 25mm long.)

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Which cup to buy?

Hi Everyone,

I'm very new to menstrual cups, I have never tried them before. I was wondering what cup I should buy? I'm a heavy bleeder and a virgin. I have never used tampons, apart from one attempt about a year ago. I have been told cups can be very unpleasant and painful to use if you are a virgin, which is making me feel very nervous and hesitant about trying them

I bought a L and XL Me-luna because the XL meluna is supposed to have the highest capacity. I have not received these cups yet, so I can't say how it went yet.

I was also wondering a good place to buy cups? I don't live in Europe or the US or anywhere near there and the cost of buying these cups is really too much for me. I am a student who only has a small income which makes it really difficult for me once you add shipping on top!

I am very keen about trying the Femmycycle, which I will try out probably soon. The shipping from overseas makes it very difficult to afford these cups. The juju is also another one I want to try out, but it's extremely expensive without the shipping :(


I'm a new Diva Cup user, and today was my first time getting it in. I have NO leaks and i have stuck my finger up there to make sure that the cup is open, but my problem is, throughout the day i get pressure down there. Its not as painful as a cramp, but annoying enough for me to know that the cup is in. it gets uncomfortable. I was wondering if i'm doing anything wrong or is it supposed to feel like that? Its sorta like a full feeling.