January 21st, 2013

Snake plisskin

So many sizes!

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I bought a Meluna Classic small. I may not have
Gotten the right size, so I found this place in my search for answers.
I am 27 years old, I have had no kids, I am not a virgin but when I get my pap they
Use the speculum (sp?) for virgins because anything bigger hurts.
I read today that checking your cervix helps in sizing. I checked it last night (in a sitting position) and this morning and it was about 2-2 1/2 inches in. I can feel it when I reach in just past my second knuckle of my middle finger. I'm not on my period though, I'm about a week off. I know checking during is optimal, but that isn't possible right now.

My period is usually medium to low. My medium days I usually only needed 4 regular tampons.

I appreciate any help. I'd like to stop using tampons, as they constantly irritate my vagina. They itch and burn! (I am STD free and this only happens when I wear tampons).

After doing my research ( after my purchase! Doh!), I am mainly concerned that it will get "lost" and having to have a medical professional fish it out.

Thank you in advance,


Silicone vs TPE

Hi everyone!

I am new to menstrual cups and am deciding between Lunette and MeLuna. I hope my questions aren't weird!

I absolutely LOVE MeLuna's color selection and that they have so many different stem types. However I have searched online and read that TPE is slightly more porous than silicone, thus harder to disinfect. That is the only thing holding me back from MeLuna because I'm worried about infections or TSS or something?

Could it be that there are different kinds of Elastomers and the ones in MeLuna is not porous? Does it even really matter that it is slightly more porous than Silicone?

Thanks everyone!

UPDATE: I emailed MeLuna asking if Silicone is slightly more porous than TPE, and my concern that it might harbour bacteria and got a response :)

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NCIS - Gibbs & Kate & Tony

So... that was fun!

Here I am again, ladies! Fresh from this morning's trip to the E.R. because the DivaCup decided it liked where it was and it was not coming out. For over a day.

I think 2 things happened here. 1) The small DivaCup was possibly too large for me; 2) The silicone of the DivaCup is so stiff that I couldn't break the seal. But apparently, by yesterday, my vagina was so swollen inside that I couldn't bear down hard enough to push the cup down so I could reach it to break the seal.

And when I say that, I mean that my finger, which is 3" long, could just touch the cup's stem when it was all the way up inside, and when I bore down and pushed it as far as I could get it to push, I still couldn't reach the top edge to break the seal.

SO. Clearly I need something that's made of softer silicone, and maybe something that's narrower?

I would really love all of your suggestions at this point, because I don't know which one to choose. I have a fairly heavy flow usually 2 out of 4 days of my period, but the small Diva was able to handle it without leaks, so I'm not worried really about capacity. I do want to make a decision soon, though, so I can order whatever I'm going to order and make sure it's here by next month.

Thanks in advance!