January 17th, 2013


Cup choice help

This might get to be long, sorry in advance!

I really want to use a cup. I really really want it to work for me.

I've tried so many and all of them were not quite right. It's complicated by having a baby vaginally in the middle of trying them. Sort of feel like I need to go back to the beginning and start again. But I can't afford to keep buying cups. I want to save money by not having to use tampons and constantly buying cups that I don't like is not going to save me money. So I thought I'd turn to you all here for some advice!

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Can you all help me with suggestions for my goldilocks cup? I have heavy periods and if I want to be physically active during my period I need to find a cup which will work. If I go out just wearing pads I flood or leaks everywhere. I found sea sponges way too big and uncomfortably rough to insert. Tampons aren't ideal to me because they're wasteful and dry out my vagina.

I haven't tagged the post as I'm on my phone and can't figure out how to access the list of tags on here. Apologies in advance mods. I also can't find the comparison charts on my phone, which is the only net access I have atm.

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Okay, I think it's working, but....

Okay! So, I started my period last night. Got the cup in, very little difficulty, but it was sort of poking out and I thought maybe it was too long or something.

Rinsed in the shower this morning, re-inserted. And I guess maybe I hit it at a different angle or something because it went a good bit farther in today than it did yesterday.

Then I went to the bathroom a little bit ago and I checked it when I was done... and that thing is WAY up in there. Now I'm concerned. Just exactly how far in is that thing supposed to go? It's not going to get sucked all the way inside, is it?

Popping open to quickly, ahh!

Hi everyone! I'm new to cups, new as in first time yesterday, and I've been lurking around here for awhile. All of the posts were so helpful in guiding me to my first cup.

So I bought a fleurcup a few weeks ago when they were having their sale and I just got it yesterday. Even thought my period shouldn't have started for another 5 days it came yesterday right before my cup was delivered like it knew my cup was here. Yesterday was a battle getting the cup in (the first time took me 20 minutes) and I'm starting to get quicker with it today but I still seem to be having the same problem with the cup poping open when I've only got it half way in. The 7 fold is hard for me to keep pinched for long enough, the punch down is awkward, and the c-fold works the best but it also pops open too quickly a lot of the time. Are there any other folds that stay pinched easier or is this just apart of that horrid learning curve?

Other than that my cup has been wonderful and hasn't leaked once, even after an intense piyo workout!

Thanks for all the help!