January 16th, 2013

New Cup Help

Hello everyone,

I am new to the community and have some questions. I have been looking around the blog for opinions but at this point, I think it's best just to ask.

I have had an MCUK for about a year now. I love my cup, but it is too long for me and is causing some irritation even with the stem completely cut off. Seeing as I have a low cervix and am a virgin, I've been thinking of going with the mini meluna. However, I am having trouble deciding what softness to go for. Does anyone know how the soft and classic Mini varieties compare? Also, I am very active and like participating in many sports including running, swimming, cycling, and yoga. Does softness make a difference in keeping the cup in place? I've read a lot of conflicting information on this point. I've had no leakage problems with my current cup and dont want to start now! (Though I do feel the cup a bit when it is in place which makes me want to try a softer cup. But given the info on the meluna page about how those who are active in sports that strengthen the pelvic floor like yoga shouldnt use the soft cup, it makes me afraid to try the soft one!)

Also, with a low cervix do you suggest a medium or small size? My flow varies greatly month to month from very heavy months to months with next to nothing, but right now I'm more worried about solving this irritation issue.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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ugggggh please help, i feel stupid

I know this has probably been asked and answered a million billion times, but I feel so stupid. This is my first cup experience and I just want to collapse on the floor and give up.

Issue 1: I am very obese (size 28-30 pants) and while I have no trouble cleaning myself or inserting tampons, I am having a very hard time getting this Diva Cup in. Does anyone have suggestions?

Issue 2: I think I have a small vaginal opening. I don't know. I'm not a virgin, but I'm not sexually active - in fact, I haven't been with another person in over a year, maybe closer to two. I have toys that I occasionally use, but even that's been a while.

So. I think I'm about to start my period (maybe today, maybe tomorrow) so I'm practicing with the Diva Cup. I got the small size, even though I'm over 30, because of issue 2 above. But I'm having one HELL of a time getting that bastard in.

I *think* I have it in now, but the instructions say to turn it a full rotation after it's in, and it wouldn't turn. Also, when I put my pants back on, it felt like I had an air bubble in there or something. It doesn't hurt, so there's that, and I can't really feel it unless I shift around and concentrate on trying to feel it.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is there any way to know if I have it in right, or do I just need to wait and try it with a pad after I actually start and see if it leaks? Any other suggestions?

Cold Process soap use while wearing a cup

So I've been using a Diva Cup for many months, and have been vigilantly following care instructions to lengthen the life of my cup. It says not to use oil based soaps, so I use the Diva Wash on my whole body during my period. The nub thing sticks out of my body a teeny bit (comfortably) and I stopped using my cold process soap ( oil and lye soap) as a precaution.

Lately, I've been getting real sick of washing with this Diva gel. I miss my CP soap! Do I really have to give it up during this time of the month? I'd also love to take a bath with one of my moisturizing bath bombs. They have added almond oil in them.

I was also thinking of using cold process soap on the rest of my body, and only using the Diva gel on my nether regions...but the suds would still run down there!

Can I use these products safely or should I continue to avoid them? Thanks!