January 14th, 2013

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NaturalMamma or large Fleurcup????

Hi everyone,
I'm from Australia, I'm seventeen and getting my first cup. The information on here had helped me a lot :D
I need a cup with a large capacity, but I also want a soft one, which is why I didn't want the large lunette. Does anyone know if there is any real difference between the naturalmamma and the large fleurcup?? Thank you

Lunacup - Anyone heard of this? From Mexico?

Someone left a comment on my blog, giving me a link to Lunacup from Mexico, just wondering if anyone has seen/tried it?  I guess I better get an info page posted on the blog about this one.  I need to read the website over better though...  Here is the link, it kind of reminds me of the Naturcup with the ball stem and the long body:


Also, as requested I did update the sizing / squishiness charts on the blog:


Goldilocks everything!

I just want to share with you all that I'm really and truly happy! I found my ideal cup (large classic Meluna) and fold (squiggle) and got rid of almost all the initial issues, except for the morning flood the first two mornings, but hey, what can you do (not gonna get up in the middle of the night to empty my cup, no way). I finally learned how to do this on my third cycle and it's bliss!
I'm just saying this, because I really thought I wasn't "cup material" in the begginning, that there must be some unique anomaly about my body preventing me from mastering the learning curve...but I am and there isn't. So to those of you who are struggling, there is hope and since you were clever enough to make an absolutely fantastic decision, you are clever enough to get your cup to work. :)

I got my new large green fleurcup today!

My period is due anytime now and I'm itching to try out my new fleurcup and cloth pads! I've used the divacup for a while now but I needed something with more capacity. I tried a large lunette but it was a bit too stiff and the shortness along with the pointed cone bottom made it harder to remove. I debated between the large yuuki and the fleurcup and decided on the fleurcup because it is softer (right after I bought it yuuki brought their soft cup back!! GAH!). The fleurcup is rated a 2 for softness and the divacup a 4, but the fleur honestly feels a tad stiffer to me. It's definatly softer than the lunette. I've only felt the diva, lunette, and fleur, but if the diva is a 4 and the lunette an 8, I would rate the fleurcup a solid 6. Or maybe my diva has softened with use, I don't know. Oddly, the stem doesn't bother me. It's the same length and type as the lunette, but the stem on the lunette drove me nuts and I cut it off. I don't even feel the stem on the fleurcup.
I have a small Mooncup USA arriving any day now and I will post some pics and give my experience with the mooncup!

EDIT: About the fleurcup stiffness, I think I found the problem. Although the fleurcup is easier to squish, it springs back MUCH more forcefully than my divacup, leading to my "rating" as a 6 and the diva a 4. After close inspection I think I figured out why. The silicone on the fleurcup is stiffer, but is thinner than the diva. This explains why it compresses easier but springs back stronger. The silicone is softer on the divacup but is thicker. It is harder to compress, but doesn't return its shape as quickly. Anyone else have both a divacup and fleurcup that can try to confirm/ disprove my theory?