January 7th, 2013

Soft Yuuki is back!

I was so excited to see this on their website. Yuuki now has the classic and the soft version in both sizes. :) I promptly ordered a large one. This is my favorite cup. I thought there may be some more folks who would be happy to know this.
  • wardmr

First Time Diva Cup user problems

Hi, I'm a first time menstrual cup user. I purchased the Diva Cup on the first day of my period after a long process of research. I have followed the manual that came in the box and found my fold. The problem I'm now facing is cramping and the feeling that I have to pee. I have problems with Yeast infections and UTIs so I'm worried that if the cup is causing cramps and this kind of feeling will it also cause these infections as well. I also am having trouble telling if the cup is spinning or not. I used the other suggested method of pushing in on one side to help open the cup. So is the cup too far inside of me or am I inserting it incorrectly. I know that it takes time getting use to and I want to have success with it. Any advice or help anyone can give me would be appreciated. I joined this live journal just to be able to get more assistance from people who understand what I'm going through. I'm the first of my friends to attempt a menstrual cup.

Tell us what you DON'T like about your cup.

Hello cuppers!

This is just out of curiosity. Is there anything about your cup (please specify which cup!) that you really dislike?

I'm looking into getting a second cup and I think this might help eliminate some of my options :D. It's sooo hard to decide which one to get!

I currently use a large MCUK, and the thing I dislike about it is the low capacity (for my two heavy days). Other than that, I have no complaints.

Thanks everyone!
  • wardmr

Finally Out

Well after eight hours I was finally able to get my Diva Cup out. During the time I was waiting, it didn't leak so YAY it worked and it became super comfortable. Then when I went to try and get it out it was still high if not higher that it was before. I tried everything. I stood in the bathtub and pushed. Pushed my finger in the side like the hot dog bun. Nothing was working. At some point it turned and the stem wasn't pointing directly down. So pushing just made things worse and it became painful. I finally had to recruit my fiance to help get it out. I was surprised that it worked so well in such an awkward position. We didn't even spill anything when it came out. What should I do for next time? I don't want to give up on it but I also don't want my fiance to have to do this every time I use it. My fiance doesn't think I would have been able to get it out without help.