January 6th, 2013


Which two MeLuna to buy??

I currently wear a small (B) MoonCup (UK) with no stem [the comparison charts and photos suggest this is similar in size to a classic medium MeLuna]. No problems with insertion, opening, or removal. Totally comfortable. Light flow. Reasonable (Pilates) pelvic muscles. I don't want a longer cup (cos my MCUK sits around the cervix and at the same time sits low in the vagina), but also I don't think I want a slimmer cup as I feel I'm roomy around the cervix, so I worry a slimmer cup may not create a seal.

I have looked over and over at the different comparison charts for weeks now and I'm just stuck between these 3 MeLuna choices. I've just got to the point where I'm over thinking it. I know this is silly but I'm going to put it to a vote / "ask the audience" in order to make my decision. These are the three options:

A. Classic medium and classic small
B. Classic medium and soft medium
C. Classic small and soft small


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Position of cervix during period *while on contraceptive pill*

Hi everyone

I really hope this hasn't been asked before, sorry if it has

There's a lot of talk about how the position of the cervix changes during menstruation, BUT I can't seem to find any information anywhere on how this is affected by the contraceptive pill

Does the contraceptive pill make it so that your cervix doesn't change/move like it normally would, or does it still move exactly the same?

THANKS a lot in advanc