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Need to try something new...

Hi, I'm new to this community *waves*. I've been using a small DivaCup for about 6 months. Things seemed to be going pretty well in the begining--no trouble with insertion/removal and no major leaking issues...but around the third month I started having a difficult time be able to reach the cup for removal. This has gotten progressively worse over the past three months and during my last period, my husband had to assist in removal of the cup almost EVERY SINGLE TIME! The times that he did not help it took literally hours of trying and I ended up having to use the handle of a toothbrush (one with rubber grippies)  to break the seal and bring the cup down...this was still very difficult to accomplish.

I started my period today and I think I'm going to have the same issue this time because when I went to check the position of my cup a little while ago, I could barely touch the end of the stem with my pointer finger. No amount of squatting, kegels, or pushing has helped to bring the cup within grasping range. I don't know if my vagina has gotten longer or what but this is frustrating! 

I really like using menstrual cups for various reasons and don't want to have to give up on today I ordered a large MeLuna with a ring stem. I am planning to tie a piece of ribbon to the stem and use it to hopefully bring the cup to where I can actually reach and remove it on my own. But who knows...maybe the MeLuna will "ride" differently and I won't need the string at all. I will report back after I try it out! 
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