December 30th, 2012

New user

I have recently had an IUD fitted and its made my cervix quite low and tender when I have my period. I can't use tampons as I was getting unbelievable pain when I did. I've had two children and I'm 40. I bought a small lunette as I didn't want it to touch my cervix, I didn't think it would fit but it does. Sometimes I'm finding it uncomfortable though, it opens fine, sits just behind my pubic bone and the stem just protrudes outside which doesn't bother me. The pain is from my cervix I think. I've read other posts and I'm not sure my cervix is in the same place as other people. When I insert my fingers I can feel the side of it rather than the bottom where the blood comes out. It is long hard and nose like when I'm having my period so I don't see that it could fit into my cup at all as it points in the wrong direction! I've ordered another cup and the lunette wasn't big enough to collect all the flow and I'm hoping it will stop the pain. Has anyone got any ideas? This forum is a godsend! Thanks in advance.

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