December 5th, 2012

Getting a Paragard...Cup-Related Advice?

Hello everyone! I fell in love with my lunette (blue, size 1) back in September and am still very much in love. I've been exploring birth control options and hormones are a no no, but so is a baby. I've decided on a Paragard IUD. I had my consult a few weeks ago and go into the clinic for the insertion process Thursday. I'm a little nervous about it, really hoping that 1. I'll be able to get the IUD in the first place 2. I won't expel it and most importantly 3. I don't have to give up my cup!

Lunette's website says that they're fine to use with IUDs if the strings are short, but I want to be safe and not use it the first month or two as that's when expulsion rates are highest. I've read studies that show that there is no increase in expulsion rate based off of menstrual products but...I'm a worry wort.

Are there specific do's/don't's of IUDs and cup use?

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