December 3rd, 2012

  • cacru

Yuuki Cup Holes

I've been lurking on this site for a couple of months now, and I purchased a small Yuuki cup.
So, three of the holes are open, meaning I can see through them from the outside of the cup.
One of the holes, though, is open (I know because I took a pin and gently pushed it through), but it seemsqs to be sort of closed from the outside of the cup. Unfortunately, I don't have pics to show you because none of the cameras I have have good enough quality to see what I am talking about.
The hole on the Yuuki is open on the inside of the cup, but I cannot see the opening on the outside. When I tried it on a dry run, I believe that it suctioned all the way.
I haven't tried it on my period yet, but I nervous about this hole thing. I mean, I believe it's open because I pushed a pin through. When I washed it out after my dry run, I did that thing where you put your palm over the cup and squeeze so that the water comes out the holes. Well, there were steady streams of water from the three holes, but the other hole did not let the water through.
Do you think I should get another one? Have any of you ever had this problem? Would it still be okay to use on my period?
  • ada_nl

First time cup use was very problematic - please help me choose a cup that fits me

Sorry this is very long but I want to explain properly. And also vent a little bit because my first experience with a menstrual cup (Mooncup UK) was a tiny bit traumatic :) My first use of a menstrual cup left me feeling pretty bruised and vulnerable for a few days. But I love the idea of a menstrual cup so much that I want to keep trying - but I definitely needs some help. 

So I bought a Mooncup UK when I was in London in October (I live in Holland), having never seen a menstrual cup before I was very excited about this alternative to tampons. I bought a size A as I'm well over 40. I'm not a virgin but seldom have penetrative vaginal sex. I don't have kids. Also I've got strong pelvic muscles and I'm very tight, using tampons is not a problem but a getting a pap smear is basically impossible. Judging by my Mooncup adventures my cervix sits pretty high on day 2, 3 and 4 of my period. 

Trying out the Mooncup during my peroid didn't go very well, things ended with a trip to the ER. Hidden by the LJ cut below is a detailed account of what went wrong.
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The  Mooncup company very kindly sent me a small(er) size mooncup (size B) but it still looks pretty big to me! To be honest I'm a bit nervous to try it out as I don't fancy another trip to the ER. I feel it might be best to use another cup which is a bit smaller until I've become more experienced. But which one? 

Ideally I'd like a small (narrow) but long cup with a long and easy-to-grip stem. I looked at the sizecharts but long and small isn't available although a small size Keeper comes pretty close.
Also I wonder what stiffness I should go for? With being so very tight a stiff cup might be best, because my muscles might squish a softer cup so that it might not develop a good seal and/or might leak. On the other hand it might be easier to break the seal of a softer cup, making removal a whole lot easier.

And I have to say the ring version of the medium Meluna cups appeals to me because you can tie a piece of string to it so I won't “lose” a cup again. But will a string really  help me push the cup down? Are there any people here who've had similar problems who can help me decide? 
  • gma111

Diva Cup Painful like "Too-low" Tampon

Hi there,

I am 26, no kids, not a virgin. I had really been looking forward to using the diva cup (I have a size 1), and because I am very comfortable with tampons (I prefer OBs), I wasn't expecting difficulties. But I have tried for several months in a row now, using a couple insertion techniques, and I have not yet had success. My main problem is not one that I've come across in this blog yet.

Basically, I find WEARING the cup (not so much inserting or removing it) painful and uncomfortable. And here's the deal: it feels EXACTLY like a tampon that hasn't been inserted high enough. This actually makes sense to me. I mean, when I wear a tampon, I insert it very far inside with my middle finger, but when I wear the diva cup, the base is always just barely inside and the stem is slightly sticking out. The slight pain and strong discomfort are not from the stem, though: it really feels exactly like the discomfort/pain of a tampon that's too low.

Is there a new insertion trick I can try to make the cup sit higher inside? I don't see how else to avoid the "low-tampon feel." The cup always seems to open right after I let go of the sides inside, so perhaps I'm inserting it wrong and not getting it high enough to start with? Whenever I try to push it inside higher after it's already opened inside, it leaks even more than it does normally.

Other problems: The cup ALWAYS leaks; I have a lot of trouble spinning the cup once it's inside; I don't know whether I've positioned it properly (and have never felt my cervix, so really don't know where I should be putting it); I don't know what folks mean by "suction" or "seal" and don't think I've felt either... not sure what either is supposed to feel like; it hurts and spills when I try to take it out - because the only way I know to take it out without it popping out and hurting is to reach in (which is hard to do) and pinch it into the same closed shape I use to put it in, which therefore pinches blood out.

I had hoped to take this cup on a long backpacking trip to avoid carrying tampons - but I've just about given up hope of ever wearing one.

Can someone advise me any new techniques to get this cup to a higher, more comfortable place? Or do you think the cup is too big/small/hard/soft for my body? Any tips on finding my cervix?

Many thanks, all.

Air hole sizes?

Does anyone know which cup has the biggest air holes? I've been looking all over the internet and I can't seem to figure that out (it's hard to tell in pictures, cameras are tricky). Is there a chart anywhere that includes a ranking by suction hole size?