November 15th, 2012

Need details on Meluna!

I have a VERY heavy flow, so I need a heavy duty cup. I have a very high cervix so my large diva's length was perfect, but it just wasn't enough capacity. Plus it was very soft so it squished, further reducing the capacity. I ended up needing to empty it every 2 hours or so. The large lunette worked a little better as the stiffness allowed the cup to work at full capacity but it still overflowed after a full nights use. Plus, it was a little shorter so I have to "fish" for it. I've been eyeing an XL Meluna for it's length and capacity and stiffness.

How does the "classic" and "sport" melunas compare to the large lunette in stiffnss? I would like something as stiff or slightly stiffer than the large lunette, but not too much stiffer. What about its capacity?

Dry run: What to expect (Lunette Size 1)

Well, I got a Lunette Size 1 a few days ago and this has been my first chance at doing a dry run. I zapped it in the microwave, checked out fold videos, and did my best to relax before hand. (My dad's been off work all week so I was trying to be discrete, but I don't think that had any different issue on my ability to relax, just patience maybe).

Using a C-fold and with it wet, I got it in, and then had to poke at it to get it to open up. I could tell it was in and I think it still could have been in aways further. I tried to push as far as it could go and still felt it, too. I meant to leave it in for a while, but took it out a bit frustrated and disappointed and here I am!

I only tried the one fold so far because I wanted to post here. I wasn't sure what all to expect so thought I'd try on my own before asking questions. I was pretty sure I knew what I was supposed to be doing, but still felt some discomfort (insertion, with it in, etc). Did I do everything right so far, or am I doing something wrong? Should I just keep retrying? Use different folds? Or should I assume that my impulse buy won't end up working because it's just too short and apparently too firm?

I have probably about a week until "that time" comes around again and should have a few chances for more dry runs between now and then.

Post myomectomy-DivaCup failure!

I successfully used my divacup (model 2) for over 2 years. However, after having myomectomy surgery my cup no longer worked! I tried for months but I could never get a seal and it leaked like crazy every single time I used it no matter what I did. I my surgery was outside of my vagina but the fibroids did distort my shape a little so that may be contributing to the divacup not being a good match for me anymore. I finally tossed it and I'm going to try another brand. I'm wondering if I need to get a smaller size this time...any recommendations?