November 14th, 2012

alternatives to pads/tampons

Lately I've been pondering the thought about not using pads or tampons anymore. They're expensive. and yes this is embarrassing as my mother still sends me boxes of pads and tampons to my dorm room. I don't like it when she spends money on me.

I've heard about the Diva cup, sponges, and making your own pads. I'm mostly use pads or panty liner/pads with a tampon. I mostly wear tampons when I'm swimming laps or cycling. My biggest fear about the sponge or diva cup is that it would leak or be full and it comes out while i'm in the pool or something. If that makes any sense.
How would I deal with the Diva cup or sponge if I am backpacking/bicycle touring? I'm thinking about the leave no trace behind. do you just dig a hole and dump it in there and rinse it out? Normally I would just put my pads/tampons in a ziplock bag.

is there anything else besides the diva cup or sea sponges?

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