October 30th, 2012


cup not unfolding all the way

I got a Meluna classic (actually I got the classic kit but in Small/Medium but the medium is too big) cup and I do the C-fold to insert it, and it goes in folded up okay but it doesn't unfold all the way once it's in my vagina. I've tried going around the outside of it with my finger once it's in to try to get it to unfold, that doesn't work. I've also tried twisting it from the little ring handle at the bottom to see if it would unfold itself, but that doesn't work. So it only unfolds part of the way, and gets some blood inside it but also on the outside of it (no leaks so far though).

Is there something else I can try to get it to unfold? It's uncomfortable to the point where it makes me feel like my cramps are worse. Or am I not relaxed enough?

Should I try a different cup? Maybe a firmer one? Or a smaller one?

  • beebs88

Soft cups vs soft tampons for sex

My partner and I love to have sex everyday we can, even when I'm on my periods but he isn't a huge fun of blood. I've been using soft tampons for the last two years to avoid messy sex but I feel terribly bad when I throw them away after a couple of hours. I don't find myself comfortable boiling and drying them to reuse (as some people do with no mayor issues) because I'm afraid bacteria would grow on them. So I've been thinking about getting a pack of Instead softcups and use them as long as they last (washing them properly) to have sex during my periods. My only concern is that they would be more uncomfortable for me and my during intercourse and that they would be noticed by my partners penis. I'm not worried about insertion/removal because I'm a MeLuna user and I guess it wouldn't cause me any trouble even though they fit differently. 
I would like to know if any of you have used both products and could tell me their experiences, preferences...
Thank you,