October 19th, 2012

Clots blocking menstrual cup suction holes?

Hi. I ALWAYS GET CLOTS. EVERY PERIOD. Ugh. The problem with clots is that they block one or more suction holes, causing a leak. I get fat clots that block up three suction holes. Is the menstrual cup right for me? I have two lunettes (one small and one large). The smaller one works for clots because it's smaller, whereas the larger one leaks even if the clot doesn't block up the suction hole. However, with both, they leak whenever the clots block up the suction holes. I'm thinking about investing in a fleurcup because it is soft and has big capacity, but I don't want to waste money if cups won't work for me due to my fat clots. What to do about the fat clots that block up the suction holes and are cups just not for me? I really want this to work.

TPE vs. silicone and sizes

So, I purchased a small MeLuna cup because it seemed like the best size for me and didn't realize until after I got it that it was TPE and not silicone. I know from my extensive research on sex toy materials that TPE is not considered quite as safe as silicone. I figured since I'm not sharing my cup it shouldn't matter much, but after using it for a cycle it seems to be holding on to some odor and discoloration, even after boiling, so I'm a little concerned. Has anyone else found this to be more true of TPE cups than silicone? Looking at the size chart and comparison photos, it seems like MeLuna is the shortest cup available. It's only a millimeter difference in length, but going up to the Ladycup or Naturcup looks like a big jump in the pictures and the small MeLuna is sometimes difficult to maneuver into a position far enough inside me that the end doesn't stick out. In fact, I'm tempted to order the totally stemless MeLuna just to help with this problem. I currently have the ball stem variety.
So, what is your opinion on TPE vs. silicone?
And if I'm going to switch to a silicone cup, given that the MeLuna works but only just, which cup would you recommend switching to?